0800 number

How much do 0800 numbers cost?

Since 2015, 0800 numbers have been free to call from mobile phones, making it a game changing number option for businesses nationwide. The demand for landline calls has drastically dropped since 2012 from 103 billion minutes to 54 billion in 2017, while mobile call minutes increased from 132.1 billion to 148.6 billion. With the majority of customers now solely using their mobiles to contact companies, it only makes sense to integrate a mobile friendly 0800 freephone number.

How can you buy an 0800 number?

Looking to purchase an 0800 number for your business? Simply get in touch with Smart Numbers and one of our dedicated team will be happy to assist you in setting up your 0800 freephone number today- its that easy! Any questions you may have can all be answered to put your mind at ease and help you understand the simplicity and sophistication of the call management features available with an 0800 number.

How much do 0800 numbers cost?

The cost of an 0800 number can vary depending on your chosen provider but at Smart Numbers, we are dedicated to ensuring we keep costs to a minimum. We will only charge a small initial set up fee and have no contracts associated with buying an 0800 number. With a simple and straightforward rolling monthly agreement, the use of your chosen number will be billed via a range of our discounted call plans. These plans provide you with complete control and flexibility from month to month allowing you to explore the many benefits of an 0800 number. We ensure that our customers are never blindsided by any unexpected costs or increases, you will always know exactly what you are paying and when.

Can 0800 be used with Mobiles?

Since the 1st July 2015 calls to 0800 numbers and numbers starting with 0808 were made free on mobiles. The move was part of an overhaul of phone numbers and charges Ofcom had planned for many months prior. At Smart Numbers, we can build your 0800 number so that you are able to receive calls to your mobile. There is also now the functionality available to make calls from your chosen 0800 freephone number from your mobile.

Range of 0800 numbers available

There are a wide range of 0800 numbers to choose from to suit your business whether you want a standard number or something more memorable. Some great examples of successful marketing using a memorable 0800 number can be seen in Hastings Direct’s ‘0800 00 10 66’ a number both relevant to their brand and very catchy! Equally, although no longer available to call, prior to the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters, Sony’s marketing team took advantage of ‘Who you gonna call?’ by using the 0800 number ‘0800 2229 911’ which if you called, you would speak to Chris Hemsworth!

Whichever number you are looking to add to your business, there is no difference in the monthly 0800 number cost. The only extra cost you will have to pay for a memorable 0800 number is the one-off set up fee and that’s it! Contact Smart Numbers today on 0345 0178 179 to buy an 0800 number today.