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0800 Numbers – What’s the deal Ofcom?

It’s been over a year since an article emerged in the Telegraph ( announcing that 0800 numbers were going to be made free from mobiles, as announced by the communications regulator Ofcom. But still, calls from mobiles to 0800 numbers are chargeable at rates of up to 30p/minute, despite being completely free from BT landlines.

The proposals by Ofcom set out to provide free calls to 0800 numbers from mobiles, and introduce a ‘standard network access charge’ for other numbers, allowing companies to state the exact cost of calls rather than stating ‘prices may vary’.

The article stated that Ofcom would aim to make its decisions known by ‘early next year’ (posted on 4th April 2012), but as we’re already halfway through April 2013 and nearly a year has passed since the article, we wonder when will the changes be made?

0800 numbers host a range of benefits for businesses, and obviously, the fact that they are intended to be free to contact is meant to benefit the customer. But in a lot of cases, homes on low income rely on a mobile at home, and calls to essential services which would usually be free from a landline can end up costing them.