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Unique CLI Masking Service

At Smart Numbers we offer a unique CLI Masking product, which doesn’t use any apps that rely on flakey data connections or wear out your mobile battery life – our product is constructed at the heart of the Cable & Wireless network, providing tier one reliability and clarity.

Nowadays we all live busy lives and mobiles are a key part of them – but research has shown that we don’t like answering calls from withheld or unfamiliar numbers, thanks largely to the mass of unsolicited sales calls we all receive so frequently. Our Mobile Landline product now has the bolt on facility of being able to mask your mobile caller ID for calls you make to others, meaning your caller ID can be overwritten to look like you are calling from a landline number.

The product is available for just £3.99 per month with no contract and can be set up for a trial within 3 hours. This allows you to both make and receive calls from your mobile landline number, and when you call out we overwrite, or “mask”, your phones actual caller id with that of your Smart Number. Additionally, all calls made to mobile or UK landlines are included free within our discounted call plans. You don’t even have to change your mobile phone number or contract, we use your own personal 07 mobile number and your Mobile Landline from Smart Numbers seamlessly together without even changing your Sim card.

Our product is simple and easy to use with no additional technology required, just simply press a key to activate the product before a call, with the ability to create contacts or speed dials on your existing handset for calls you make regularly.

Why would you need to mask your number?

A survey of 2000 people assessing how they would respond to calls from certain numbers was carried out on UK consumers, and found that 71% of them would not answer a call from a withheld or unfamiliar number, whilst 75% said they would be more likely to answer a call from a local geographic number.

This means that masking your mobile number with your “Business” number as your caller ID, it is more likely that the customer will answer, particularly when combined with our local geographic phone numbers, which means you have more chance of finding and communicating with prospective clients or customers.

For more information on our unique CLI masking product, local geographic landline numbers and other call management solutions, visit our website at