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Advantages of 0800 & 0345 Numbers

In today’s modern world, appearance is everything – even for your business. Branding your company with that all important, eye catching logo and a trustworthy, honest image is a must. Having an 0800 or 0345 number to front your business is the perfect way to start doing just that.


Using these widely recognised numbers to front company calls are a great way developing and sustaining a professional company image. With 0800 and 0845 being an already popular beginning to most large companies’ numbers, there is no public negativity surrounding them and are trustworthy freephone numbers that people are happy to call. With being used so commonly and nationwide, the number you choose soon becomes easily memorable unlike a number with an area code – especially if clients away from your area aren’t familiar with your local area code. With this, your 0800 or 0845 number is yours to keep no matter where you move. As your business grows and potential physical moves for your company are on the table, your non geographic number will follow you everywhere you go without any unnecessary phone number changes. They are easy to set up and specific numbers can be searched for and used if available.


0345 numbers can be provided as an identical alternative to 0845 numbers, allowing mobile callers to call using their inclusive minutes, whilst mobile providers have yet to provide standardized charges for calls to 0845 numbers. Industry stats indicate as much as 70% of landline contracts now include calls to 0845 numbers within their inclusive minutes, and having the exact same number within the 03-mobile friendly range is a massive benefit.


The classic 0800 number. It’s the famous freephone call that the public have no hesitations ringing as everyone knows it’s free. It is known that freephone numbers can increase your advertising response rates and ultimately create that all important customer friendly outlook. When a company is prepared to pay the cost of a call, your customers will understand they are less likely to be kept on hold, meaning these can be ideal for customer services where call can be lengthy.

There’s no better time

It’s quick, easy and pain free to make a step in the right direction. You can receive call stats and monitoring for your numbers including; dates, times, location and many more, all enabling a better insight into your company.