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The Benefits of an 0300 Number

Telephone numbers beginning 0300 are the newest UK-wide number range on the market, exclusively for public sectors, charities and not-for-profit organisations.

There are many benefits to obtaining an 0300 number. Here’s a quick rundown of the main ones.

Cheap for Callers

Calls made to an 0300 number cost the same as those made to local area geographic numbers, and they’re included in many telephone packages such as Free Minutes and Friends & Family bundles.

Because they’re charged at a low call rate, people will be more inclined to call you if you have one. This is especially true of people calling from a mobile telephone – which accounts for the majority of callers

Builds Trust

Because these numbers are reserved for specific types of organisation, it will improve your credibility, and encourage greater trust as call costs are transparent and no revenue is paid to the owner of the number.

Professional Appearance

An 0300 number masks the location of your organisation, which is great as it instantly gives the impression that you’re operating on a national scale, making you seem larger and more professional.

Continuity and Flexibility

Because your 0300 number isn’t tied to a particular location, you can have it for life, even if you relocate – which will save you the cost of reprinting promotional material.

In addition, if there’s an emergency or disaster at your headquarters, your number can be rerouted easily to another landline or mobile, so your callers won’t suffer.

Innovative Call Solutions

Organisations with an 0300 number have the potential to evaluate the effectiveness of that number with access to up-to-date statistics including length of call, number of calls, etc.


Finally, you can pick an 0300 number that’s memorable, which will encourage your callers to pick up the phone immediately.

These are just a handful of the main benefits available to organisations eligible to obtain an 0300 number.