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Debunking a few common myths related to hosted telephony

There are a growing number of businesses (both big and small) that are replacing traditional, on-site telephony systems with hosted PBX solutions. According to experts, this change is expected and quite logical.

However, there are many business owners and managers that are still skeptical when it comes to cloud-based communication options. This concern and skepticism are usually based on myths and misconceptions they have about how it all works.  In order to clarify the situation, we will try to debunk some common myths about hosted PBX telephony:

Myth – Hosted telephony has lower quality

Calls dropping right away, broken speech, delays – these are some of the things that people believe happen frequently when someone chooses to use hosted PBX telephony. Of course, this is not true. This might have been true for VoIP systems that first appeared in the early 2000s. Back in those days, the speed of the Internet was very slow which resulted in these problems. Today, even ordinary users have a high-speed Internet connection and this problem is pretty much gone.

Myth – Hosted telephony is a developing technology

There are many companies that believe that cloud computing is still very new and untested. They also think that it is still developing. The truth is that cloud technology is not in some sort of beta version stage. Cloud technology is fully developed and this is the reason why more than 75% of businesses in the United Kingdom rely on this technology.

Myth – Hosted telephony is not cost effective

A huge number of companies have invested a lot of money in on-site systems and they don’t think that if they migrate to hosted telephony they will save any money. However, with hosted telephony you will only pay monthly for the services you need so if you’re savvy, you can definitely save money.

Myth – In-house IT department will become useless

Many business owners worry about what will happen to their IT department if they choose cloud technology for this purpose. The fact is that the IT department can focus on other tasks and even though you’ll get support from the provider, the IT staff will still have responsibilities related to this system.

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