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Why choose landline on mobile?

Even though mobile phones are used by millions of people, most people still find businesses with local landlines more credible and trustworthy. However, using a mobile gives your business flexibility. This is the reason why a Landline on Mobile solution is ideal for many business owners because it mixes the advantages of these two options.

In other words, with this option, clients can call you on the landline number that is actually a local number in the place where they live – London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester etc – and, you will get the call on your mobile regardless of your location and with no extra charge.Mobile Landline

Smart Numbers provides landline numbers for mobile and gives users the opportunity to pick up any landline call on their mobile. If you want to keep your business’ credibility and rating, you should definitely have a local landline number. If you don’t have one, you may miss many potential clients that will look for a company that has a landline number. This is especially true for older adults. If adults over the age of 50 are your most important clients, having a landline number is a must. So, with the local landline on mobile offer by Smart Numbers, you can rest assured that you won’t miss a call ever again.

It’s also worth pointing out that in addition to having a local landline in the UK and the opportunity for people in every city in the UK to make local calls on your mobile, the local landline extends to a few countries around the world too. This is great for businesses that have international business ventures and operations.

Landline on mobile is also an excellent option for families, especially if they live abroad. They can call you on a local number and save a lot of money. The caller pays the amount that is paid for regular local calls. The only thing you need to pay is the monthly subscription.

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Why your business, big or small needs a Freephone number?

Typically if you are self-employed you are most likely to use a mobile contact number and whilst this may seem like the most practical solution, it may not the most professional. Equally, larger businesses may not have thought of the impact high call costs can have on their customers. Regardless of how big or small your business may be, having a Freephone 0800 number is essential. The advantages of having a Freephone number are endless, from increased customers to simple professionalism; the following demonstrates the multiple reasons why 0800 numbers are an unquestionable asset.

Whether you are a well-established business or just starting out, Freephone numbers provide your business with instant credibility. It gives you the opportunity to appear nationwide which will only enhance your overall image.

There is nothing worse than trying to contact a business and being charged an extortionate amount to do so. As the name would suggest Freephone numbers are completely free so even if your customers are in a phone queue they are safe in the knowledge that they are not being charged for the call. This kind of customer satisfaction is extremely important to ensure that your business succeeds; the easier it is for your customers to reach you, the more reassured they will feel.

Having a number that doesn’t pertain to any particular area means that you can not only have increased portability but also pull in customers from across the country. You can be reached wherever and whenever by simply having calls redirected to a phone or automated system of your choice. Not only that, but once your business purchases a Freephone number it is permanently yours regardless of what provider you are with or what packages you have.

Finally, one of the most overlooked but most appealing aspects of having a 0800 Freephone number is how memorable they can be. Most people will complain about how they have an advert stuck in their head because of the jingle that accompanies a Freephone number but this is the beauty of the number. One of the most infamous examples is the Hastings Direct number of 0800 001066 with the added bonus of 1066 being the year of the Battle of Hastings. It’s easy to see how Freephone numbers coupled with smart marketing techniques can create a memorable business.

Why get a Pocket Landline?

Pocket Landlines have become an increasingly popular option for small business owners. You can have a local landline number that will be directed straight to your mobile phone or even use a pre-existing landline number. There are numerous benefits to making this small change in your business, some of which are listed below.

The first and most obvious benefit of having a pocket landline is that you will be able to answer more calls. Every call will be directed to your mobile phone so you will never need to rush to answer a call at your work base or return any messages of missed calls. Wherever you are and whatever time of day it is you will be able to speak to customers.

Research has also found that using a landline number as opposed to a mobile number makes customers feel more reassured. Not only does it look more professional but because the number will have you local prefix people will see where you are based. As most people search for local suppliers seeing your number will automatically give them this knowledge and peace of mind.

There are lots of features that come with a pocket landline that you might not necessarily have available with a normal landline phone. One of which is that you are able to access your own pocket landline account online from any device to manage how your customers are contacting you. This includes being able to set hours in which you can be contacted, setting up a business welcome message to give a personal yet professional touch and have a ‘whisper’ message allowing you know if it is a landline call. The online platform can also help show you your business statistics such as during which hours you receive the most calls and where your calls are coming from.

These are just a few of the many benefits that come with having a pocket landline. For more information on what number solutions are right for you, contact Smart Numbers today.