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The benefits of purchasing an 0800 Number

Why you should get a 0800 number

The benefits of purchasing an 0800 NumberOne of the main things that can destroy customer interaction and increased business is expensive telephone numbers. If you’ve worked hard to set up a business you don’t want to fail because of a number which is why most businesses small and large are using free phone 0800 numbers. 0800 numbers provide your customers with a reliable and cost efficient way of contacting you and they can be redirected to both landline and mobile numbers.

There are a multitude of benefits to using 0800 numbers, some of which are listed below.

  • It will give your business the appearance of being a large, well established and professional company, allowing customers to feel reassured.
  • It is a non-geographical number so your business will appear to work nationwide, often very beneficial if you work and operate across the country.
  • These numbers often come with a professional voicemail system so that even if you are not there to answer the call, whoever is calling will be greeted with a company unique message. Any voicemails left can be redirected to your email or wherever you wish as audio files for you to listen to at a time more convenient to you.
  • When a customer dials your number they will be greeted with a personalised welcome message giving a personal but professional feel to your business.
  • If your business has different departments which customers wish to be redirected to you can also setup up an auto attendant who will do the job. This will save you time from answering calls that weren’t meant for you and having to redirect the person yourself.
  • You will also find that 0800 numbers give you access to all of your business call statistics and call recordings which are all stored on an online system you are able to access at any time. You will be able to see at what time of day you receive the most calls, how long your calls generally last for, where customers wanted to be redirected to and other relevant information. These statistics will help you to improve your level of service and ultimately increase business.