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mobile phones and business integration

Mobile Phones and Business Integration

Mobile phones have always been a brilliant tool for business people on the go. Since their earliest days as convenient devices with a reasonable battery life, they’ve enabled us to stay in contact whether walking through city streets or out in the remote countryside. They’ve become so much a part of business life that we take them for granted, even though they’ve been this usable for barely more than twenty years.

However, the conventional mobile phone comes with a problem that is felt by many businesses. Typically, they fall outside the corporate IT/telephony systems, using different networks and operating systems beyond the realms of the corporate extension number. Worse still, many depend on employees’ personal phones. Few companies provide their staff with mobile phones preferring to use those staff own themselves. Not only does this result in a variety of types and differing security standards, but it can become annoying for staff finding they’re receiving and dealing with work calls whilst they’re enjoying a beach holiday. Help is at hand though.

The Work Number

Using a web portal or access number, it’s now possible to route calls to your business landline to your mobile phone instead. Not only does this enable you to pick up calls to your office landline when you’re miles from the office, but it also allows you to make outbound calls on your mobile, which will come through to the recipient with your business landline as caller ID. In other words, you can make and receive calls on your mobile without your business contacts ever having access to your personal mobile number.

Needless to say, this system can be activated or deactivated according to user need, so you’ll be able to enjoy your holidays and stay in touch with loved ones, whilst being undisturbed by work calls.

Call Management

Integrating your mobile phone system in this way doesn’t mean urgent business calls just get sent to a voicemail where messages can be left unheard for weeks. Because business calls to your mobile are routed through your company’s telephony system they can be intercepted by colleagues whilst you’re away.

A call you can’t take can be diverted to another phone, whether landline or mobile, of someone who’s in a position to take that call. Failing that, it can go to a 24/7 professional answering service so your customer will always get to speak to a real human being, even when you’re not there. This is a particularly useful option for small businesses or sole traders where there’s little office back up.

System Integration

In short, for only a few pounds a month, your mobile can be fully integrated into your business telephony, giving you the full range of flexible call options even if you’re out on site or at a business event miles away. And you can do it all, whilst still being able to take your mobile phone out of the system and enjoy quality time while someone else covers your work calls.

To find out more about the latest call solutions, and how you can fully integrate your mobile and business phones, speak to us today at Smart Numbers Ltd.