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Best smartphones for 2017

What is the best smartphone 2017 so far

At this moment, there are more mobile phones on the Earth than there are people. In 2014 the number of currently active mobile devices crossed 7.19 billion and over the past 3 years has only grown. As a result, the demand and market for the latest and best smartphone has never been greater. People are always looking for a phone that has more storage, capabilities and encompasses many aspects of life as possible. No longer is a mobile phone a device solely meant to call and text people, it has the capability to take high-resolution pictures and videos, play movies, allow internet access, use GPS and so much more. And it is because of this that so much of our lives revolve around this one piece of technology. So, like everyone else in the world you are probably looking for the best smartphone on the market in 2017 which is why we have compiled a list that meets these criteria.

The war between Apple and Android is ever growing but research and testing shows that currently the best phone on the market is the Samsung Galaxy S8. Most people believe that Samsung is always one step behind Apple, but not with this phone. Aesthetically it is a complete overhaul from the standard mobile with its curved display that allows you to view your screen at all angles. Accompanying this is the unrivalled 12-megapixel camera, providing you with high-resolution photography. It also comes with 64GB storage so you will never have to worry about the dreaded ‘not enough storage space’ infamous to Apple products. And whilst Apple is seemingly releasing a new product every year making your previous product obsolete, it can easily be said that this phone is an investment that other companies will spend years trying to rival. But, as with any investment there is a price to be paid that starts at £679 or £779 for the S8 Plus.

Seemingly, the edge that Apple has had over Samsung for years stems for the aesthetic of the product which Samsung have clearly knocked out of the park. By creating a phone that not only surpasses any Apple product specs wise whilst maintaining a sleek, new and desirable aesthetic they have truly risen to the occasion. And with the current screen to body ratio at 84% they have almost rendered the above and below bezels nests obsolete. Seemingly with this product Samsung has listened to the consumer and given them what they want whilst Apple has arguably failed with their bold iPhone 7. The decision to remove the headphone jack on their new product has left many consumers angry and forced them to purchase new adapters in order to listen to music whilst charging their phones. With moves such as these it is easy to see why consumers are moving over to Android phones and why the new Samsung Galaxy S8 has been chosen as the best smartphone of the year.