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Local Number vs. 0800 numbers

In this digital age, many people see phone numbers as being obsolete for businesses but they are still a key method of contact for many potential customers. Not every customer will be as tech savvy as you’d hope and whilst live chat and social media are great ways of interacting, they aren’t for everyone. Most customers would admit that they feel safer in the knowledge that there is a human on the other side that they can actually speak to if they have an issue. With that in mind, many start-up businesses are often left with the question of should they use a local prefix number or an 0800-toll free number. Here we walk you through the differences and advantages of local numbers and 0800 numbers to help you decide.

Local Numbers

Having a local number if you are a small business owner is key, not only does it let potential customers in your area know that you are open for business, it shows them that you are there for when they need you. If, however you also work in a number of areas nationwide you may also want to consider using a virtual landline so that you can have number local numbers. For instance, you may be located in Liverpool and whilst you are not based elsewhere you may also operate in Manchester. In this instance, you can use a virtual landline to create an 0161-prefix number so that people in that area feel safe in the knowledge they are contacting a reputable, local working business. In general, you will find that customers are much more likely to contact a business that they believe works locally, it gives them a sense of trust and familiarity that you can’t get with an 0800 number.

0800 numbers

That being said, there are a lot of advantages to using a Freephone number that you can’t get with standard local numbers. Firstly, and most obviously, an 0800 number is a freephone number which means your customers won’t be worried about incurring obscene call charges when trying to contact you. It also creates a sense of professionalism that you just can’t get with a local number. Having an 0800 gives the impression that you are a credible multinational company that works with customers across the country. It will also improve customer relations as it is a sign that you are willing to incur call costs so that they can contact you without any worries. Even if you must put them on hold, whilst it may leave them slightly disgruntled, they will have no complaints about call charges. Plus, if you are a smaller business looking to branch out in working nationwide what better way to start than with a number that does not pertain to any specific area. When customers dial an 0800 number they do not know which part of the country you are located in, they will just assume that you operate in

Both numbers can benefit your business in the long term but it is up to you to decide which will suit your needs best. If you are thinking of creating a virtual landline with one of the numbers, then the first place to start looking will be Smart Numbers Ltd. We will help you better understand your options and find a package that will help you to grow.

local business number

The Importance of Having a Local Number For Your Business

Statistically speaking, the majority of business now comes from people finding companies via search engines. Whilst the research shows that an online presence is key, once the customer has decided on the company they will want to contact the business over the phone. Most people believe we’re moving into a depersonalised digital era, but at the end of the day what everyday people want is to be assured by an actual person. So, at this point, you would think, well, every business has a phone number they can be contacted on, so what’s the issue? This is where most business owners fall down and consequently lose business. They are not questioning what their business phone number means to the public, what image are they putting out into the world. A phone number can make or break your business which is why here we detail the importance of having a geographic local number.

Trust is key between a customer and a company and this starts when the customer wants to contact the company. If they find that the company does not have a local prefix on their contact number, they will assume that you aren’t local, and the mistrust begins. It is much safer for the customer to find a business operating in the same field that has a local number. The beauty of having this means that you don’t have to be based locally but you give the impression that you are. This means you can work nationally, bringing in customers from across the UK.

It is also important to consider your customer demographic, specifically their ages. Older customers are not likely to find you online, instead they will search locally for what they are looking for. If they come across your business, but don’t see a local prefix it is extremely unlikely that you will be considered. Having this prefix not only tells them you’re local but also lets them know that they won’t have to pay for expensive call charges in the process.

Finally, purchasing a local number is a choice that will pay for itself in no time at all. It is undoubtedly a small investment that has potentially huge returns in the customers it will bring in. You can have local numbers for all over the country and be bringing in new customers daily. You will be able to see growth almost immediately and continue to expand as far as you like.

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