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Innovative Ways to Utilise Business Phone Numbers

Are you using your business telephone numbers to its full potential? Discover five creative ways to start getting more for your money.

Virtual phone numbers offer businesses a whole host of useful features to help them stay connected and answer calls more efficiently.

By thinking outside of the box, you can use your phone system for more than just answering and making telephone calls.

Here are a few innovative ways to utilise your business telephone number and start getting more from the service.

Create a VIP line

Have a dedicated telephone number for very important clients. That way when that number rings everyone knows to drop everything and answer it as quickly as possible.

Appear more established than you are

Start-ups and small businesses can use virtual numbers to appear bigger and more established than they are. Appearing more established can foster trust when you’re just starting out and help you to win your first few big breaks.

If you’re a one-man band, you may use your mobile number for business to allow you to answer calls from anywhere. Diverting a virtual landline number to your mobile phone makes your number look more professional whilst still allowing you to answer calls when you’re out and about.

Setting up a call menu with different options like ‘press 1 for sales or 2 for customer service’ can also give the impression that you are a bigger business.

Track the success of marketing campaigns

By directing enquiries generated by different marketing campaigns to different telephone numbers you can effectively track the number of enquiries and subsequent sales acquired from each campaign. These valuable metrics can then be used to calculate the return on investment achieved by each to help you improve the performance of future campaigns.

A/B test advertising messages

Use two different virtual numbers to A/B test the effectiveness of different advertising messages. Once you’ve analysed the results you can switch off the least effective message and invest all your remaining budget into the one that performs best. A/B testing creates more cost-effective and profitable advertising.

Test demand in new areas

Ever wanted to expand your business into new areas but unsure whether there is demand? Before you begin testing the water, get a virtual landline number featuring the relevant area code to gain trust and increase your business’ appeal in the area you wish to target.

Send yourself audio memos and reminders

You can start using this handy business hack if you have inbound call recording. This feature instantly records dialogue on an inbound call, saves it as a sound file, and sends it to you in an email. When you’re out of the office this feature can be used to quickly and easily record and send yourself reminders, memos, or important notes for when you’re back in the office.

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