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6 Criteria For Choosing a Hosted VoIP System

Discover six criteria to help you choose a cost-effective hosted VoIP provider and plan that will meet your requirements both now and in the future.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol communications, offer businesses a convenient, cost-effective and flexible communications solution.

With so many different hosted VoIP systems and providers to choose from, selecting the right one can be challenging. We’ve put together a list of six key criteria to look at when choosing a suitable hosted VoIP system.

Quality of connection

If sound quality or connectivity is poor, then even the most feature-rich VoIP service becomes useless. An excellent connection is fundamental to a professional and efficient VoIP service and should be the first criteria that you check out.

At Smart Numbers we only use trusted, award-winning networks, allowing us to provide reliable and fully tested and supported Tier 1 grade VoIP telephony solutions.

Call management features

Think about the call features that would help your business to become more efficient and productive. From basic call management features to call queuing, conference calling and 24/7 call answering, there are a wide variety of call features available to make your business’ communications more professional and efficient.

Here at Smart Numbers, we provide plenty of different call features to suit the requirements of businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Be sure to choose a VoIP system and plan that includes all the call features that your business requires without over-servicing to get the best value for money. Always shop around and compare prices before signing up.

At Smart Numbers, our VoIP hosted plans range from an affordable £16.99 a month for the basic plan to a more feature-rich executive plan at £14.99 a month, allowing you to choose a suitable and affordable plan for your business.

Customer support

Downtime and technical problems with your telephone system can be inconvenient, stressful and costly to your business. Always find out what customer support is available before signing up for a VoIP service to ensure that help will be at hand when you need it the most.

Reliable and ongoing customer support and maintenance is available with all our hosted VoIP systems.

Convenience and ease of installation

Always check whether the service is compatible with your broadband provider, what the installation process involves, and what equipment is required to get set up to avoid hassle and frustration later down the line.

We make it as simple, convenient and fuss-free as possible to get set-up with one of our hosted VoIP systems. Installation is fast, simple and painless, our VoIP systems are compatible with any broadband provider, and we can help you to transfer your existing phone number if required.


VoIP systems that can grow with your business offer the best convenience and value for money. Check whether features can be expanded to suit your business’ requirements in the future.

Our flexible hosted VoIP systems make it easy to add or remove users, extensions and features to suit your business’ ever-changing requirements.

Find out more about Smart Numbers’ hosted VoIP systems and plans by calling our team on 0345 0178 179.