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Advantages of 0800 & 0345 Numbers

In today’s modern world, appearance is everything – even for your business. Branding your company with that all important, eye catching logo and a trustworthy, honest image is a must. Having an 0800 or 0345 number to front your business is the perfect way to start doing just that.


Using these widely recognised numbers to front company calls are a great way developing and sustaining a professional company image. With 0800 and 0845 being an already popular beginning to most large companies’ numbers, there is no public negativity surrounding them and are trustworthy freephone numbers that people are happy to call. With being used so commonly and nationwide, the number you choose soon becomes easily memorable unlike a number with an area code – especially if clients away from your area aren’t familiar with your local area code. With this, your 0800 or 0845 number is yours to keep no matter where you move. As your business grows and potential physical moves for your company are on the table, your non geographic number will follow you everywhere you go without any unnecessary phone number changes. They are easy to set up and specific numbers can be searched for and used if available.


0345 numbers can be provided as an identical alternative to 0845 numbers, allowing mobile callers to call using their inclusive minutes, whilst mobile providers have yet to provide standardized charges for calls to 0845 numbers. Industry stats indicate as much as 70% of landline contracts now include calls to 0845 numbers within their inclusive minutes, and having the exact same number within the 03-mobile friendly range is a massive benefit.


The classic 0800 number. It’s the famous freephone call that the public have no hesitations ringing as everyone knows it’s free. It is known that freephone numbers can increase your advertising response rates and ultimately create that all important customer friendly outlook. When a company is prepared to pay the cost of a call, your customers will understand they are less likely to be kept on hold, meaning these can be ideal for customer services where call can be lengthy.

There’s no better time

It’s quick, easy and pain free to make a step in the right direction. You can receive call stats and monitoring for your numbers including; dates, times, location and many more, all enabling a better insight into your company.

Unique CLI Masking Service

At Smart Numbers we offer a unique CLI Masking product, which doesn’t use any apps that rely on flakey data connections or wear out your mobile battery life – our product is constructed at the heart of the Cable & Wireless network, providing tier one reliability and clarity.

Nowadays we all live busy lives and mobiles are a key part of them – but research has shown that we don’t like answering calls from withheld or unfamiliar numbers, thanks largely to the mass of unsolicited sales calls we all receive so frequently. Our Mobile Landline product now has the bolt on facility of being able to mask your mobile caller ID for calls you make to others, meaning your caller ID can be overwritten to look like you are calling from a landline number.

The product is available for just £3.99 per month with no contract and can be set up for a trial within 3 hours. This allows you to both make and receive calls from your mobile landline number, and when you call out we overwrite, or “mask”, your phones actual caller id with that of your Smart Number. Additionally, all calls made to mobile or UK landlines are included free within our discounted call plans. You don’t even have to change your mobile phone number or contract, we use your own personal 07 mobile number and your Mobile Landline from Smart Numbers seamlessly together without even changing your Sim card.

Our product is simple and easy to use with no additional technology required, just simply press a key to activate the product before a call, with the ability to create contacts or speed dials on your existing handset for calls you make regularly.

Why would you need to mask your number?

A survey of 2000 people assessing how they would respond to calls from certain numbers was carried out on UK consumers, and found that 71% of them would not answer a call from a withheld or unfamiliar number, whilst 75% said they would be more likely to answer a call from a local geographic number.

This means that masking your mobile number with your “Business” number as your caller ID, it is more likely that the customer will answer, particularly when combined with our local geographic phone numbers, which means you have more chance of finding and communicating with prospective clients or customers.

For more information on our unique CLI masking product, local geographic landline numbers and other call management solutions, visit our website at

Smart Numbers Sailing 7

Staff & Supplier Day – Cowes Week

Here at Smart Numbers we recently participated in a day of racing at Cowes Week, and we would like to thank all at Sailing GB for such a fantastic day, and we are proud to be going home with a 4th place finish and some great memories!

The Team all ready to go!

The Team all ready to go!

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0800 Numbers – What’s the deal Ofcom?

It’s been over a year since an article emerged in the Telegraph ( announcing that 0800 numbers were going to be made free from mobiles, as announced by the communications regulator Ofcom. But still, calls from mobiles to 0800 numbers are chargeable at rates of up to 30p/minute, despite being completely free from BT landlines.

The proposals by Ofcom set out to provide free calls to 0800 numbers from mobiles, and introduce a ‘standard network access charge’ for other numbers, allowing companies to state the exact cost of calls rather than stating ‘prices may vary’.

The article stated that Ofcom would aim to make its decisions known by ‘early next year’ (posted on 4th April 2012), but as we’re already halfway through April 2013 and nearly a year has passed since the article, we wonder when will the changes be made?

0800 numbers host a range of benefits for businesses, and obviously, the fact that they are intended to be free to contact is meant to benefit the customer. But in a lot of cases, homes on low income rely on a mobile at home, and calls to essential services which would usually be free from a landline can end up costing them.

Special Mobile Landline & 0800 to Mobile offer – just 4.99p per min

You just can’t beat our “DISCOUNTED CALL PLANS” for diverting 01/02 Landline & 0800 Numbers directly to your mobile phone. Now you can be in the office even when you are out!

This latest rate development sees Smart Numbers customers getting a rate of only 4.99 PENCE PER MINUTE- including call solutions free of charge – on our biggest deal. So not only do you have the flexibility of being able to answer your own landline number directly on your mobile phone but you can also have our complete ‘back end’ solution giving you a feature packed reporting suite all for one price.

Take advantage of the free calls, call whisper, call diversion, voicemail or even your own virtual switchboard by grabbing one of these exclusive packages today.

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Smart Numbers aim to offer the best 0800 NUMBERS & MOBILE LANDLINE NUMBER packages in the market so call us today and get yourself mobile!

How to choose an 0800 number

Colored-Numbers-Original-340x250When it comes to choosing an 0800 number for your business there is more to the selection than you may think, and there are numerous factors you should first consider. Most importantly you should be sure that the company you are buying from are well reputed and you are going to get value for your money.

Another important consideration is of course the cost, there is a lot of competition on the telephony market and you want to make sure you’re not overpaying. However, it may not just be a case of finding the cheapest provider, as this may mean less functionality. The best providers will always offer call management solutions with their phone numbers, from call forwarding to a mobile, call recording, call analytics, e-billing and free minutes. Another important factor is call quality, and a well reputed provider should offer BT or C&W tier 1 networks for guaranteed reliability, avoiding Voip or poor quality internet telephony service. Finally, you may have to pay extra if you want a ‘catchy’ easy to remember number, particularly when used in conjunction with advertising campaigns. A number such as ‘0800 00 11111” would be much more desirable than a less memorable number, although it would possibly cost more, and hence is recommended for larger businesses.

At Smart Numbers we offer a mix of telephone numbers and call management solutions for companies of all sizes and our extensive range of products are designed to help you to increase your business opportunities. As well as providing a high quality service with a range of additional features, we offer one of the UK’s largest ranges of 0800 numbers, forwarded directly to your landline or mobile at incredibly competitive prices. View our full range of 0800 numbers on our 0800 numbers page at