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The Benefits of Call Recording

Call recording is often perceived as something that only large companies can afford to do but with some of the cost effective solutions now available on the market, call recording is something that even a small business can now consider to help them gain a competitive edge.

So why would a business want to record some of their calls?

Well, there are numerous benefits to having a call recording option as part of your armoury. Here are some of them:

  • the ability to monitor specific sales campaigns and promotions
  • staff performance monitoring
  • identifying customer service requirements
  • spotting product mentions
  • identify the quality of sales leads
  • understanding the effectiveness of call handling scripts
  • providing training support
  • help with dispute resolution
  • to identify role model behaviour and performance
  • regulation and compliance

With call recording you can really get to grips with the communication that happens between the customer and your organisation. By doing this you can develop a far deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and what your organisation needs to do to address them.

Before determining what kind of call recording service you are going to need there are a few things worth considering. You will want a system that is:

  • easy to install and use
  • secure to use
  • the ability to archive
  • able to integrate with your business applications
  • can be accessed from different locations
  • easy to send recordings to colleagues through your email service
  • useful as a training tool
  • compliant with legislation

At Smart Numbers we have a range of call recording solutions for both inbound and outbound calls that could be just what you’re looking for. Please contact us now or call us on 03450 178 179 to discuss your requirements and speak to one of our friendly and helpful team.

Mobile Operator Three Scraps 0800 Charges

More good news in the telecommunications industry this week as the UK’s smallest mobile operator, Three, announced they will be making calls to 0800 numbers free from Today (18th March 2014), and cutting the cost of calls to all other 08 numbers to 5p per minute.

Three Network Logo

The tariff will be offered to all new contracts, whilst existing customers can sign up without having to extend their existing contracts.

It is estimated that mobile networks make £600m a year charging customers up to 40p per minute to call 08 numbers, which are usually free or low cost from landlines.

This news comes not long after the announcement that firms in certain industries including banks, utility services, insurance companies and broadband providers will be required to supply a Freephone helpline for their customers.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has already announced the plan to end charges for calls to 0800 numbers from mobiles; however this will not come into effect until June 2015.

These proposed changes won’t be altering the cost of calling other numbers in the 08 range however, which are currently charged at up to 41p a minute on mobiles, whilst costing as little as 4p and 8p from a BT landline.

The service charge is typically under 10p, with the majority of the cost to the consumer of a 41p a minute call being pure profit for the mobile operator.

From June 2015, Ofcom will require operators to be more transparent, separating access and service charges on bills.

Three said it hoped other operators would follow suit. Chief executive David Dyson said: “We believe it’s time to make mobile simpler, fairer and better value and calling 08 numbers is something we want to address for our customers.”