5 Reasons to Have a Mobile Landline Number

As we move into the most digitized era in human history businesses are finding new and innovative ways to keep up with this mobile and online oriented time. Now more than ever consumers turn to search engines to find what they need, meaning businesses no longer need any physical locations to exist. As a result of this they are now turning away from old fashioned landline phones and using virtual numbers with both landline and mobile numbers linked. There are a plethora of reasons as to why virtual mobile landline numbers are indisputably the best options for any business, so here are five key points to convince you of this;

The first key difference between a virtual number and a landline is that a virtual is as the name would suggest without any physical existence and can be taken anywhere. If you decide to move offices and you have a landline number you then have to enter into long and tiring processes in order for the number to be moved to the new address. With a virtual number you can be anywhere in the world at any time of the day and still receive a call. Also not being tied down to one location like a landline you have the freedom to move around as you please without worrying about missing important customer calls.

When using a landline service generally you will only be able to use the basic functions of voicemail set up and a call history log, all of which have to be accessed using a keypad. With a virtual number you are no longer limited to endlessly listening to which key you have to press, instead you can access your services through any device. Whether you are on your phone, tablet or computer you can access all of your phone services easily through the app or website at any time of day. You can answer calls, save voicemails, set up a customer call menu, virtually anything you can think of all through the app or on the website.

Unlike with a landline, virtual numbers can be linked to your company website, an extension in your web browser, a phone/s of your choice, any customer relationship management software you may already have set up and much more.

Whilst we move into a more modern and digitized time, people are still statistically more comfortable when calling a number which contains their local prefix. As a result you would assume landlines still have the upper hand in this area. However, virtual numbers can now have any numerical prefix you wish and you can still be based anywhere in the world. You can have a number for a certain area for as long or little time as you wish to ensure you are receiving as much business as possible.

Finally, at different times of the year you will be receiving a different number of customer calls and as a result you may need a different number of phones to receive these calls. Whilst with landlines you would have to ensure you had the correct number of phones and staff to receive the maximum amount of calls, with virtual numbers this is no longer an issue. You are able to adjust your features attached to your virtual number accordingly to match your needs throughout the year.

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