Benefits of using a mobile landline

5 Reasons how utilising mobile landline technology benefit you as a business

The term ‘Mobile Landline’ seems almost contradictory but in fact it is the latest piece of communications tech that every business should consider. Combining both the benefits of having a landline and mobile telephone it is one of the most effective and innovative methods of helping you run a business. If you are a business owner who feels that they are currently missing out on vbusiness because of being limited by a traditional landline, keep reading to find out how you could benefit from the immediate advantages of using mobile landline technology.

Never Miss a call

The biggest problem with having a traditional landline is that you are limited to staying in one place in order to take calls. This means you are either constantly having to visit the site of your landline to collect messages that customers may or may not be willing to leave or you have to hire staff to take calls. Either way, this is a waste of your time, money and means that you are probably losing out on a lot of business when you miss a call. In this fast pace society if a potential customer can’t get through the first time they are likely to find someone else. However, through having a mobile landline you will never miss a call again as every call is directed to a phone of your choice. Whether you are out on a job or travelling, as long as your phone is operational you will be able to take customer calls. This not only means more business but also lets your customers know that you are there to speak to them instantly.

Scrap the 9-5

Many business owners will agree that a lot of lost business comes from customers trying to contact them during hours they aren’t in the office, specifically by their landline. Having a mobile landline through which these calls can be redirected to you can ensure that day or night you are able to take calls. If you aren’t comfortable with having a 24-hour hotline you are also able to alter the hours in which your phone can take calls from your businesses number. This will ultimately help you bring in more business and possibly give you an edge on competitors who stick to the classic 9-5 contact hours.


When you purchase a mobile landline number, more often it will also come with a system that you can download as an app onto your phone or any device of your choosing. This system will allow you to have complete control over all calls coming in and out of your business.  You can change the hours through which you can receive calls, the system customers get put through when they do call so they reach the right people, where you can receive calls from and which numbers are being redirected to which phone. You can access this anywhere in the world, from any device, at any time as long as you have your login details.


Having a mobile landline means you have access to purchasing a variety of nationwide prefix numbers which can pertain to different areas. If you want to create the impression that you operate across the country, having local numbers can help you to pull in business from lots of different areas. Your phone will also show you from which area the call is coming from so that you aren’t caught off guard when speaking to customers.


Whilst mobile phones dominate modern society a lot of research in the UK shows that people, especially in the older generation feel a lot happier when calling a landline number when contacting a business. Not only do they feel safe in the hands of someone they believe to be operating locally but they will also be less worried in terms of call costs. Depending on your customer base you may want to consider this as it could potentially earn you a lot more business in the long term.