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Why your business should have an 0845 number


If you are a small business looking to make changes so you can begin to expand one of the best places to start is with your contact number. A lot of the time you will start out with a mobile number as it is convenient and you aren’t paying out extra each month for another number. However, in order to appear more professional and allow customers to believe you operate nationwide, you may want to look into getting an 0845 number.

What is an 0845 number?

The 0845 number was first brought into use in 1996 as a number that was non-geographic but was charged at the local rate of the caller. It has since become an extremely popular option for businesses of all size, especially since most mobile contracts will include local call rates in their monthly customer allowances.

Why use an 0845 number?

  • This number allows you to create a national presence for your business without having to be situated in every area. 0845 are not associated with any particular region so your customer will call under the impression that you operate in their area.
  • It will allow you to promote a more professional image even if you are a smaller start-up business working from home or from a small local office.
  • It will allow you to have a more distinguished work and home life, especially if you have previously been using your mobile number as a contact for customers. By having this number, you will no longer have to mix your work and personal calls throughout the day.
  • You can use this number for whatever you need whether it be a primary contact number for you or your business or if you need it as a support line for customers.

What else do you get with the number?

Generally, when you purchase a 0845 number through a service provider they will also be able to offer you extras as part of your package, this can include the following;

– Virtual receptionist to direct customers to the right place

– Call forwarding to whatever landline or mobile you wish

– Access to control everything through an online portal app wherever you are in the world

–  Voicemail services that can be sent to you as a transcript via email

– The ability to block unwanted calls from problem customers or other business enquiries

How do you get the 0845 number?

Most phone service providers will be able to offer you a package for an 0845 number, you will be able to choose between a fixed or rolling contract. However, there are a lot of different packages on the market with different providers who can offer you different extras. You will have to shop around to find a price, contract and add ons that suit you best.

How much will this set me back?

Typically, 0845 numbers are relatively cheap in terms of what you will pay for other phone contracts in your life. With this type of virtual number there is no need to pay for a line rental, so if you forward your calls to a mobile you will no longer have to fork out the £20 plus a month.

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