Business without a landline

How to Set Up a Business without a Landline

In the past, the first task carried out by a new business was to set up a landline. Even if your first office was a small square room with cracked plaster and damp on the walls, there was always a telephone sitting on a table waiting to ring. But times have changed. Since mobile phones appeared in the mid-nineties, the humble landline has been on the back foot.

The Convenience of Mobiles

Nowadays, small businesses often don’t even think about a landline until they’re up and running. Why would they? All the communications they need are available through the ubiquitous smartphone. When our parents imagined the twenty-first century, they had visions of flying cars and space suits. Instead, we have the sum total of human knowledge available at the touch of a button on a small handheld device. It takes calls too.

The Downside of Mobiles

However, the speed of progress has been fast and many people haven’t kept up. There’s still a stigma around businesses that only use a mobile phone. There’s nothing that says ‘cowboy’ quite like an advertisement with only a mobile phone number. That suggests there’s no office, and you can just pack up and ditch your sim card the moment anything goes wrong. Whether we like it or not, an old-fashioned landline looks reliable.

In addition, there’s a question of cost. If you’re calling from a mobile phone, chances are calls are included in your package. But if you live in an area with poor mobile reception or simply don’t use a mobile, calling a mobile phone is often expensive from a landline as it isn’t included in many call packages.

But what if you’re a one-person operation, or can’t afford the astronomical rent for your own office?

The Alternative

If you’re furiously nodding your head, then Smart Numbers Ltd could be for you. We’re a creative communications company providing the latest telecommunications solutions for modern businesses. Our range of broadband, telephony systems, phone numbers and call management applications, can be combined and deployed across the net to give the appearance of a landline telephone, with all the convenience of the mobile communications you’re used to.

Business, without a Landline

Our competitively priced business services give you a range of business functions without needing a physical office and extensive telephony infrastructure. Our Tier 1 grade VoIP telephony solutions work through your existing broadband and our dedicated networks, omitting the need for a landline. Additional products and services can be applied simply by downloading the software without installing further expensive infrastructure.

Choose Your Location

The cloud provides many extra possibilities for telephony. We explore these possibilities in our solutions, continually innovating as new technology is released. We aim to offer maximum flexibility and to keep you connected wherever you are, whether that’s in a traditional office or working from a beachside apartment in the sun! You can have an authentic landline number and access it from anywhere in the world. That means having a London 0207 or 0208 number, even if you’re in Land’s End or John O’Groats. We offer fully supported call management facilities too.

Setting up a Landline-Free Business

Whatever your business model, we’ll review your every business telephony need. Our monthly, contracted arrangements give you the foundation for effective business communications wherever you are, and allow you to expand at a rate of your choosing. Get in touch with us at Smart Numbers Ltd today and we’ll show you the way to a bright, landline-free future.