Setting Up Your Home-Based Business

There was a time when running a home-based business lacked credibility. Today, thanks to technological advances and the growing popularity of remote freelancing, it’s no longer the case. Not only are home-based businesses growing and thriving, but you can literally run your business from anywhere in the world.

Here are a few tips for setting up a professional and credible business from home.


First, you’ll need a dedicated office with a proper desk; don’t just opt for the kitchen table. Create a separate office that can be shut off from the rest of your home. This establishes boundaries between work and home life. Your office and computer should be used exclusively for work, not for games, Netflix and the kids’ homework.

Your office should be functional and comfortable. A pleasant work environment can increase your productivity, so make an effort with the decor and ensure there’s plenty of natural light, preferably with a view.

If you’re planning an extension or converting an outbuilding, check whether you’ll need planning permission.


Check whether your home insurance also covers your home-based business. You may need to upgrade your policy or take out a separate policy to protect your business assets.


Running a business from home may seem like a dream come true but it’s also easier to be distracted. If you’re working from the family home, ensure that everyone respects your work time; screaming kids in the background during a Skype call isn’t professional. Establish set working hours and remain committed to them.

Business Tools

A dedicated telephone line and fast internet connection is essential. Invest in a communications package with the ability to divert your landline number to your mobile or choose a different number for your business.

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