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Smart Call Solutions

For the busy modern phone user, nothing is more frustrating than having to answer non-priority calls whilst you’re waiting for an important contact. How often do we miss the vital stuff because we’ve been obliged to deal with John from Bangalore telling us our Windows is corrupted?

This is the difficult part of managing phone calls and has been since the telephone was invented. How do you pre-vet and prioritise calls? All calls demand our attention equally and whichever gets the line first keeps all others at bay.

The Answer Is at Hand

Smart Numbers has the answer to most of these problems through our range of smart call solutions. We know you’re not unsociable; there are just some things you need to deal with more urgently than others. Our competitively priced call handling services can help you to manage the incoming calls, screen and prioritise much more effectively.

Knowing Who to Speak To

Maybe you’re worried your wife is calling and you want to know before the call’s connected? Call Whisper tells you first, so you can prepare the right welcome message or decide whether to pick up at all.

Sometimes you might want to call someone from your personal landline because mobile reception’s so poor, but substitute a mobile number on the destination Caller ID for when they call you back. It might be that you have multiple lines to your phone and want to know which has been called? You can substitute the incoming Caller ID with the number the caller themselves has dialled, allowing you to identify work or personal calls before you answer.

Tools for Every Eventuality

These are just a couple from the range of tools available. Others are voicemail to email, call divert and multi-destination routing services, call recording and queuing. In fact, everything you need to run an effective business.

All these services are available individually or together as the Synergy Call Management system from as little as £19.95 per month. To find out more, contact Smart Numbers today.