Is it a smart idea to get a pocket landline?

When it comes to domestic use, many people are now considering ditching the landline and just relying on their mobile. However, many experienced businesses know that having a landline is still good for business. The reality is that most people view businesses with landlines as more reliable and established. On top of that, ringing a mobile is more expensive so there is a good chance that you might lose some clients who would prefer to ring one of your competitors who has a landline rather than contacting you on your mobile. Interestingly, about 40% of businesses advertise themselves only with their landline in the advertising that they do, which demonstrates the importance that businesses still attach to having a landline number.

Having a landline suggests that your business has real offices and real staff so it gives your business much more credibility in the eyes of the consumer.

Now that you know how important landlines still are, you need to find the best deal for your business. According to many telecom experts, the best solution is a pocket landline. Pocket landline allows users to take a brand new landline number or simply use their existing landline number on their mobiles. In other words, people can call you on a landline number and you will receive that call on your mobile. The only thing you need to do is to pay a small monthly subscription fee.

At Smart Numbers we can also provide you with monitoring tools so that you can store numbers and analyze when is the busiest part of the day so that you can track your costs. Having a pocket landline is an excellent option that helps businesses cut costs and remain available to all their clients, irrespective of their location.

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