Why your business should have an 0208 number

Why You Should Be Using 0208 Numbers

Telephone numbers are a little like postcodes. They’re essentially a random set of digits, but the first part of the number can confer enormous additional status onto those who possess the correct ones. Some are always recognised. Some are much better than others.

Postcode Lottery

It’s not unusual for identical houses in neighbouring London streets, or indeed on the same street, to have values many thousands of pounds different simply because one falls into one postcode and the other into the next.

This doesn’t reflect on the street, the transport links, or much else tangible. It’s all to do with one-upmanship. Better neighbourhoods. And yet people are willing to pay, so these differences must matter.

Edge of the World

In many ways, the same is true for telephone numbers. Just ask anyone in the outer suburbs of London what it’s like to be on a 01322 Dartford number when the next street is a 0208 London number. The dividing line can be down the middle of the street, but if you happen to be on the wrong side of it, you’re no longer part of the city in which you live.

If you’re running a business, this can be much worse. How do you sell yourself as London-based without a London phone number? And we all know the premium that’s attached to being a London-based business.

Being London

Thankfully it’s perfectly possible to get an all-important London number, even if your business is in Arbroath! And it’s simple too. Here at Smart Numbers, we’ve got everything you need to put a 0208 number on your business card.

You no longer need to suffer the ignominy of being a poor, provincial relation to your London-based competitors in the next street. Simply route a London phone number to and from your mobile, home or office phones.

Huge Benefits

What’s the practical value of having a London telephone number? Having status is all very well, but having your own 0208 smart number brings plenty more benefits besides.

With our impressive packages, you can control the routing of calls in real time via the web. There’s a range of call management options, and with standard fixed terms, you won’t get trapped in a package that you don’t feel offers any benefits, though we’re in little doubt you’d be more than satisfied. You won’t even experience the fuzzy quality of VoIP or old-fashioned internet telephony. We do things differently.

Your Number’s Up

Understandably, you may be concerned at the fuss and logistical problems of getting a 0208 number installed, but rest assured it’s quick and painless. We can set them up in between one and three hours, fully tested using either BT or C&W networks, and all with a competitively priced call plan.

So now’s the time to shake off your provincial phone number and join the ranks of the city slickers, without having to leave your barn conversion in the countryside. Contact Smart Numbers today and we’ll show you the way forward.