Virtual Landlines Explained Simply

A virtual landline number sounds rather complex and technological for those who are used to the classic landline number but it is a relatively easy concept. Within this article we will simply explain the idea behind a virtual landline number, how it works, what it does and how you and your business can benefit from using one.

Firstly, as the name would suggest, a virtual landline number is a number which has no physical existence. It is often referred to as a local or geographical number as it is an inbound number (a number customers use to contact businesses) that have a local call prefix. Examples of this are 0161 for Manchester calls, 020 for London, 0121 for Birmingham and so on, each pertaining to different parts of the UK. These numbers can be called at a local or national rate just as with any normal landline number. What makes it ‘virtual’ is that the receiver of the call does not have to be in the specific area for which the code was used and the calls subsequently can be forwarded to any computer, mobile, landline or device in the world.

Many global based businesses or businesses wishing to become globalised will often use a virtual landline number as it comes with many advantages. The first is that as with any worldwide business, they wish to maintain a level of professionalism and a good image whether it be locally or nationally. Using a virtual number means that they can be all over the world and available for their customers to contact wherever they are. It also allows them to be aware of where the customer is calling from through the virtual system meaning that they can ensure the person answering the call uses the correct language. Additionally, the use of national or local numbers will give the customer peace of mind in terms of call costs especially if you decide to use an 0800 virtual number. As a result of these, customers are much more likely to call consequently providing you with increased business.

There are multiple companies which now provide these ‘smart numbers’ so that you can create your own virtual landline. It takes virtually no time at all to set it up with the company only needing a number to direct your calls to, the rest is up to you and can be controlled via any device.

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