How to Set Up Call Recording on Your Phone

If you require call recording for your business phone systems, contact Smart Numbers today. We are able to offer call recording facilities as part of various packages, with our call solutions being amongst the most capable and advanced on the market.

Call recording for inbound and outbound calls are available, both of which are totally free to set up – and we can do the hard work on your behalf.

 Cover unlimited numbers

Our call recording services will cost just £19.95 per month, per number. However, you can pay just £99.95 a month to cover unlimited numbers. We offer world-class technology to ensure all calls are recorded without the need for you to purchase costly hardware including telephony equipment.

At Smart Numbers, we offer call recording facilities as part of our comprehensive Synergy Call Management System. This package combines various telephony technology facilities in a pioneering way to help you prepare, handle and review your calls like you never have before. Other parts of the package include call stats, routing, divert, a return on investment calculator, campaign management facilities and more.

Why use call recording facilities for your business?

There are many reasons why any business may wish to purchase call recording facilities. Whether you need to record calls to settle disputes, for training purposes, demonstrate business compliance, improve customer satisfaction, capture specific details or raise your business standards, we can assist you.

We have provided call recording facilities for companies from a wide range of sectors and are passionate about delivering the excellence that you require and deserve.

Why not get in touch today with a member of the Smart Numbers’ team to find out more about setting up call recording? Our unrivalled call solutions work wonders for your marketing efforts, so contact us today for more information on what we can do for you.