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How Do Mobile Landline Numbers Work

A mobile landline number is simply a landline number that rings straight to your mobile. If you’re a small business, it helps to have a mobile landline number. It makes you look professional, credible, local, well established, and it reassures new customers. But, if your business or life requires you to always be on the go, a real landline number isn’t much use. You’ll miss calls, and then lose customers, who would rather ring the next company that wait around for you to get back to the office. If this is happening, you need a mobile landline.

How do they work?

A landline number for mobile is a virtual telephone number. This means it looks like your mobile has a landline number, but really, a cloud-based telephony service directs the customer’s call to a number of your choice. The customer has no idea that is what is happening. It will appear like any other landline.

It is the perfect solution if you don’t want your customers knowing your real phone number. Handing out your personal information this way can be dangerous, so virtual landlines give you some protection. As mentioned before, they are also more professional, with customers preferring landlines to personal phone numbers.

Is this service right for me?

A virtual landline is perfect for anyone who wants their business to look established, trustworthy, and competitive. It’s particularly useful for sole traders and SMEs who would like to promote their business but still use their personal phones.

But, virtual landlines are not only for businesses. Individuals who want the use of a UK landline number for mobile, but relocate often, will also benefit from a pocket landline number.

Can I get a landline for mobile free?

Most reputable sellers of virtual landlines will charge you for their services. If you see an advertisement for a free pocket landline, this is likely to be deceptive, or have hidden costs attached to the service. It’s best to look for a mobile landline number that you pay for, but this certainly does not mean it is going to be expensive.

A lot of companies work on a contract basis, where you pay a few pounds per month for your mobile landline. Smart Numbers offers affordable, effective, virtual landlines. Our standard 30-day term means there are no nasty tie-ins or commitments. We have local geographic numbers available from virtually every 01 and 02 area code across the UK. While we set up your product as part of the service, you control the routing in real time through a web portal or access number.

Give Smart Numbers a call today on 03450 178 179 for more information about mobile landline numbers. We will be more than happy to help.

Transfer a Landline Phone Number to a Mobile

Can You Transfer a Landline Phone Number to a Mobile

Moving business premises is possibly one of the most stressful things that occur in life. Just like uprooting your whole business, and moving to a new location, requires a lot of effort, planning and stress.

It worsens when you realise you might have to leave your old landline phone number behind and find a new one. How will your old customers get in contact? You can’t warn each one of them about the new change, so you start to come to terms with the potential loss of business you will receive.

But, you shouldn’t have to. And, the good news is that you don’t have to worry about this. You can avoid the hassle and keep your existing landline phone number by transferring it to a virtual landline.

 Transfer landline number to mobile or new premise

A transfer of your landline number to a mobile or new premise is really very easy but often missed by the large phone providers such as BT, Talk Talk and others. Doing so is an easy, quick process that can be used for to both landline and mobile phone numbers.

If you are considering transferring your landline number to a mobile, you should check with your current service providers whether this is allowed, or ask if there any additional costs involved.

Then, you can find a virtual landline provider to help set up your landline using your existing number.

 How to transfer your landline number to a virtual landline?

When you are registering for your virtual landline number, you can decide between a local, national, or an existing number. This might be the best option for you if your business relies on your original number.

If you use your existing landline as a virtual one, your customers won’t be able to tell the difference. To them, it will appear like they are calling the same number they always have, and it will be the same for you too.

All you will need is some additional information, such as your current provider’s name, and proof of ownership for the number you want to transfer.

 What are the benefits of transferring to a virtual number?

As mentioned previously, transferring your landline number to a virtual one will prevent any losses in profit from misdirected customers.

This makes your life much more straightforward when it comes to moving house or moving your business to new premises. You have the freedom to move about and travel, all while maintaining one convenient number for your customers to get in contact with you.

This is far more professional than using a mobile number which comes across as untrustworthy to potential clients.

A virtual landline also saves you money. Your phone number is no longer connected to a physical address. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about lengthy contracts with big phone companies.

At Smart Numbers, our 30-day term means there are no tie-ins or nasty commitments. You are free to do what is best for you.

 Get in touch today on 03450 178 179 for more information on our virtual landline deals. We will be more than happy to show you in the right direction.

0800 number

How Do I Divert Landline Calls to a Mobile or Another Number?

With our landline number to mobile service, it’s never been simpler to divert landline calls to your mobile or any other phone.

Why Should You Divert Business Calls to Your Mobile?

Diverting landline calls to a mobile phone, in many cases, is a service provided for commercial clients, although can be for personal use too.

In a commercial setting, new and existing customers would often prefer to call a landline number, rather than a mobile number, when dealing with companies. It offers a professional appearance and can instil confidence in the company’s legitimacy, so it can have a positive impact on customers when choosing one business over another. In many cases, the landline numbers will in fact call through to a mobile phone; for new and established companies, having the flexibility of a mobile phone as a primary contact number is invaluable.

How does call forwarding your landline number to your mobile work?

At Smart Numbers, we use the UK’s biggest Tier 1 networks and most reliable VoIP Network, including BTipex, which means we can offer the best coverage and call quality. For a small fee, we can set up the divert service which is on a monthly rolling contract, so you don’t have to worry about cancellation fees or being tied into a long-term contract.

All you need to do is choose the landline number you would like, and we’ll do the rest. We have access to every area code across the UK, so wherever you are based, we can have the right local code for you. Once chosen, the number will be yours forever, so even if you relocate or change your mobile handset, you can keep the same number.

Smart Numbers has a range of call divert options and services available for you – contact us or visit our website today to see how we can help you.

Landline number to mobile phone

How to Get a Local Landline Number on Your Mobile

A mobile local landline number can offer your business flexibility and convenience, allowing you to appear local to customers no matter where you’re taking the call from.

Running a small business can involve a lot of multitasking, and for many business owners, it simply isn’t possible to be waiting in the office for calls all the time.

Customers can sometimes be put off calling businesses that list a mobile number as their main point of contact as they make the presumption that a mobile number means the business isn’t very established or professional.

A local landline number for mobile allows business owners to successfully juggle the day-to-day tasks required to run a business with maintaining a professional appearance to customers.

How do mobile landline numbers work?

Getting a mobile landline number is simple with Smart Numbers. There’s no need to lose your existing mobile number, network provider, phone or sim card.  Our mobile landline service works with your existing setup by simply masking your mobile number with your chosen local UK landline number when you select to do so.

Your chosen UK landline number will then be displayed to customers during both incoming and outgoing calls.

Benefits of a mobile local landline

Mobile local landline numbers are invaluable for helping small businesses to retain a professional appearance whilst still operating efficiently.  Here are just a few benefits of a Smart Numbers mobile landline:

Appear local from any location – Mobile landline numbers offer small businesses great flexibility and efficiency.  No matter where your business requirements take you on any given day, as far as your customers are concerned you’re still sat in your office in the location that your business operates from.

Professional – Studies have found that customers perceive businesses with a mobile number as their main point of contact to be less professional than those with landlines.  A mobile landline means you can retain the professional image with your customers whilst benefiting from the flexibility of a mobile phone.

Choose a memorable number – When you get a mobile landline number you have the option to select your new number, allowing you to choose a number that will be memorable for your customers and that will stand out on your marketing materials.

Don’t miss calls – Missed calls are lost business, so it’s important to never let a call go answered.  A mobile landline gives you the flexibility to take your office phone out on-the-go with you during the day so that you never miss a call.

Make your business appear more established than it is – If you’re a one man band or a small business that is just starting out then you will need to answer calls whilst you’re out on the job.  A mobile landline can disguise the fact that you’re doing so by giving the appearance that the call is being answered from an office to make your business appear more established than it is.

How to get a mobile local landline number

Find out more about how Smart Numbers Ltd can help you with securing local landline numbers for your mobile. To set up or for more information or advice, give us a call on 08450 178 179 or 03450 178 179 (0345 numbers are included free in mobile contracts).

mobile phones and business integration

Mobile Phones and Business Integration

Mobile phones have always been a brilliant tool for business people on the go. Since their earliest days as convenient devices with a reasonable battery life, they’ve enabled us to stay in contact whether walking through city streets or out in the remote countryside. They’ve become so much a part of business life that we take them for granted, even though they’ve been this usable for barely more than twenty years.

However, the conventional mobile phone comes with a problem that is felt by many businesses. Typically, they fall outside the corporate IT/telephony systems, using different networks and operating systems beyond the realms of the corporate extension number. Worse still, many depend on employees’ personal phones. Few companies provide their staff with mobile phones preferring to use those staff own themselves. Not only does this result in a variety of types and differing security standards, but it can become annoying for staff finding they’re receiving and dealing with work calls whilst they’re enjoying a beach holiday. Help is at hand though.

The Work Number

Using a web portal or access number, it’s now possible to route calls to your business landline to your mobile phone instead. Not only does this enable you to pick up calls to your office landline when you’re miles from the office, but it also allows you to make outbound calls on your mobile, which will come through to the recipient with your business landline as caller ID. In other words, you can make and receive calls on your mobile without your business contacts ever having access to your personal mobile number.

Needless to say, this system can be activated or deactivated according to user need, so you’ll be able to enjoy your holidays and stay in touch with loved ones, whilst being undisturbed by work calls.

Call Management

Integrating your mobile phone system in this way doesn’t mean urgent business calls just get sent to a voicemail where messages can be left unheard for weeks. Because business calls to your mobile are routed through your company’s telephony system they can be intercepted by colleagues whilst you’re away.

A call you can’t take can be diverted to another phone, whether landline or mobile, of someone who’s in a position to take that call. Failing that, it can go to a 24/7 professional answering service so your customer will always get to speak to a real human being, even when you’re not there. This is a particularly useful option for small businesses or sole traders where there’s little office back up.

System Integration

In short, for only a few pounds a month, your mobile can be fully integrated into your business telephony, giving you the full range of flexible call options even if you’re out on site or at a business event miles away. And you can do it all, whilst still being able to take your mobile phone out of the system and enjoy quality time while someone else covers your work calls.

To find out more about the latest call solutions, and how you can fully integrate your mobile and business phones, speak to us today at Smart Numbers Ltd.

How to run a business without a landline

How to run a business without a landline

In recent years, the landline has been eclipsed by the mobile phone as a means of communication. Indeed, for a lot of people living in major cities, a mobile phone is all they have. Among the young especially, the landline ceased to be a requirement of daily life years ago.

For sure, it’s a different situation in the countryside where mobile signals can be patchy, but the trend has been one way for twenty years or so and even the most remote areas are beginning to catch up.

Do You Need a Business Landline?

For those running a business, the need to maintain a landline has remained ever present. Part of the reason is the look of professionalism it gives. Here in the UK, many haven’t been as quick to embrace the potential benefits of technology as they have in other parts of the world. Unfortunately, there’s still a worryingly stubborn mindset here, that a mobile with its easily spotted ‘07’ number conveys an image of untrustworthiness and unreliability. This belief is often heightened among those of the older generation.

Part of this belief is because a landline requires premises, and premises mean you’re a bricks-and-mortar business. A ‘proper’ telephone number shows that you’re a business that’s here to stay, and reassures nervous customers that you’ll be trustworthy with their credit card details.

It’s not the only reason businesses like landlines though. Many homeowners, especially those in areas of patchy mobile reception, have call packages that include free calls to landlines. But phoning a mobile is an additional and often expensive extra. These people will bulk at the thought of calling a mobile, and often pass you over in favour of one of your competitors. Which means lost revenue simply because of your business telephone number.

Landline Alternatives

These days, there are ways to give the appearance of having a landline while keeping the convenience of a mobile phone-only business. You’ve long been able to use a post office mailbox in lieu of a genuine postal address. Increasingly the telecommunications industry is offering a similar service.

First there came VoIP mobile apps and call forwarding. These solutions have made telephony a more flexible solution by routing calls through the internet rather than a conventional phone line. In many ways it’s a bit like Skype, save that the person phoning you doesn’t know any different as they’re simply dialling a conventional telephone. Even better, you can have a set local phone code miles from where it should be, so take calls on a London phone number while you and your laptop are in a hotel room in Kuala Lumpur. Even a fairly cheap headset gives the quality reception you’d expect of a normal landline.

For your customers, this is almost indistinguishable from your conventional workplace phone connection. It comes with all the usual service add-ons such as voicemail and caller ID, and means that your landline number goes everywhere with your laptop. Think of the convenience! Who’d have thought you could really move your home-office to a beach in the Maldives!

Virtually Anywhere

Using a virtual phone line is another solution for the twenty-first-century business. Routing your calls through a virtual receptionist provides you with all the professionalism you need, before diverting your call to your own mobile or voicemail. What could be simpler?

This solution also masks your outgoing calls, so the caller ID your customer sees is that of your business landline rather than the mobile from which you’re calling them. Calls are hosted by the provider and connected when your line is available.

Pocket the Difference

For the small business or sole trader, pocket numbers can be the perfect solution. This is a much simpler call-forwarding system, which transfers calls from your pocket landline number to your mobile anywhere in the world. Essentially, pocket numbers is a landline number that’s assigned to your mobile.

The real strength of this system is its simplicity. You don’t need a permanent location for your business, and with a variety of packages available it can be very economical too.

Smart Solutions for a Smart World

All these ways of handling telephony provide a reliable and secure solution, which disguises the fact that you’re on the go. You can run your life from your smartphone while giving the impression of being in a London office.

Professionalism is everything in the modern world. Very often it’s the difference between gaining and losing business, so go for the maximum. Don’t take chances that you’re dealing with clients who’d balk at doing business on a mobile phone. Give them the reassurance they need, without compromising on your convenience and availability.

Visit the Smart Numbers website and find out exactly how the services we offer can change the appearance of your company without costing you a fortune.

Why your business should have an 0208 number

Why You Should Be Using 0208 Numbers

Telephone numbers are a little like postcodes. They’re essentially a random set of digits, but the first part of the number can confer enormous additional status onto those who possess the correct ones. Some are always recognised. Some are much better than others.

Postcode Lottery

It’s not unusual for identical houses in neighbouring London streets, or indeed on the same street, to have values many thousands of pounds different simply because one falls into one postcode and the other into the next.

This doesn’t reflect on the street, the transport links, or much else tangible. It’s all to do with one-upmanship. Better neighbourhoods. And yet people are willing to pay, so these differences must matter.

Edge of the World

In many ways, the same is true for telephone numbers. Just ask anyone in the outer suburbs of London what it’s like to be on a 01322 Dartford number when the next street is a 0208 London number. The dividing line can be down the middle of the street, but if you happen to be on the wrong side of it, you’re no longer part of the city in which you live.

If you’re running a business, this can be much worse. How do you sell yourself as London-based without a London phone number? And we all know the premium that’s attached to being a London-based business.

Being London

Thankfully it’s perfectly possible to get an all-important London number, even if your business is in Arbroath! And it’s simple too. Here at Smart Numbers, we’ve got everything you need to put a 0208 number on your business card.

You no longer need to suffer the ignominy of being a poor, provincial relation to your London-based competitors in the next street. Simply route a London phone number to and from your mobile, home or office phones.

Huge Benefits

What’s the practical value of having a London telephone number? Having status is all very well, but having your own 0208 smart number brings plenty more benefits besides.

With our impressive packages, you can control the routing of calls in real time via the web. There’s a range of call management options, and with standard fixed terms, you won’t get trapped in a package that you don’t feel offers any benefits, though we’re in little doubt you’d be more than satisfied. You won’t even experience the fuzzy quality of VoIP or old-fashioned internet telephony. We do things differently.

Your Number’s Up

Understandably, you may be concerned at the fuss and logistical problems of getting a 0208 number installed, but rest assured it’s quick and painless. We can set them up in between one and three hours, fully tested using either BT or C&W networks, and all with a competitively priced call plan.

So now’s the time to shake off your provincial phone number and join the ranks of the city slickers, without having to leave your barn conversion in the countryside. Contact Smart Numbers today and we’ll show you the way forward.

Benefits of using a mobile landline

5 Reasons how utilising mobile landline technology benefit you as a business

The term ‘Mobile Landline’ seems almost contradictory but in fact it is the latest piece of communications tech that every business should consider. Combining both the benefits of having a landline and mobile telephone it is one of the most effective and innovative methods of helping you run a business. If you are a business owner who feels that they are currently missing out on vbusiness because of being limited by a traditional landline, keep reading to find out how you could benefit from the immediate advantages of using mobile landline technology.

Never Miss a call

The biggest problem with having a traditional landline is that you are limited to staying in one place in order to take calls. This means you are either constantly having to visit the site of your landline to collect messages that customers may or may not be willing to leave or you have to hire staff to take calls. Either way, this is a waste of your time, money and means that you are probably losing out on a lot of business when you miss a call. In this fast pace society if a potential customer can’t get through the first time they are likely to find someone else. However, through having a mobile landline you will never miss a call again as every call is directed to a phone of your choice. Whether you are out on a job or travelling, as long as your phone is operational you will be able to take customer calls. This not only means more business but also lets your customers know that you are there to speak to them instantly.

Scrap the 9-5

Many business owners will agree that a lot of lost business comes from customers trying to contact them during hours they aren’t in the office, specifically by their landline. Having a mobile landline through which these calls can be redirected to you can ensure that day or night you are able to take calls. If you aren’t comfortable with having a 24-hour hotline you are also able to alter the hours in which your phone can take calls from your businesses number. This will ultimately help you bring in more business and possibly give you an edge on competitors who stick to the classic 9-5 contact hours.


When you purchase a mobile landline number, more often it will also come with a system that you can download as an app onto your phone or any device of your choosing. This system will allow you to have complete control over all calls coming in and out of your business.  You can change the hours through which you can receive calls, the system customers get put through when they do call so they reach the right people, where you can receive calls from and which numbers are being redirected to which phone. You can access this anywhere in the world, from any device, at any time as long as you have your login details.


Having a mobile landline means you have access to purchasing a variety of nationwide prefix numbers which can pertain to different areas. If you want to create the impression that you operate across the country, having local numbers can help you to pull in business from lots of different areas. Your phone will also show you from which area the call is coming from so that you aren’t caught off guard when speaking to customers.


Whilst mobile phones dominate modern society a lot of research in the UK shows that people, especially in the older generation feel a lot happier when calling a landline number when contacting a business. Not only do they feel safe in the hands of someone they believe to be operating locally but they will also be less worried in terms of call costs. Depending on your customer base you may want to consider this as it could potentially earn you a lot more business in the long term.

Why your business should have a non-geographical number

Pocket Landlines by Smart Numbers

Pocket Landlines by Smart Numbers

As the name would suggest, non-geographical numbers are phone numbers which are not assigned to any particular region of the country. They are numbers which can be redirected your landline or mobile, whichever you prefer. In recent years they have become increasingly popular and businesses of all sizes use them because they have so many benefits, some of which are listed below.

The flexibility of using a number that isn’t tied down to a particular area is what many small business owners find most beneficial. They allow you to answers calls that are redirected to your mobile wherever and whenever. Ultimately this means your customer can always get in touch with you and will give your business more credibility.

It can also help you to expand your customer base; with having a number that isn’t specific to any area it allows your business to appear nationwide. By having a local number you are limited to receiving calls only from local people which can be especially damaging to your business if you do indeed operate across the country.

Having these types of numbers also looks a lot of more professional than a standard landline or mobile number. They will give your business the appearance of being more established and trustworthy regardless of the size of your business. 0800 numbers in particular help inspire trust in customers and encourage them to call you, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be charged a ridiculous amount of money.

They are also a lot easier to remember than standard local or mobile number as they often have more of a ring to them such as the infamous 118 247advert from Yellow Pages a few years ago. You can also make use of alphanumeric keys by spelling out a word through the numbers. For instance, if you have a taxi company you could use the number 8294 on the end of your number to make it more memorable.

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