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Tips for Buying a Virtual Landline

Use the tips and advice in this article to make sure you know what to look for and consider when buying a virtual landline for your business.

Virtual landlines offer businesses a convenient and smart way of retaining a professional image whilst ensuring they never miss a call whilst they’re out and about.

When you use a virtual landline, you can make and receive business calls on a landline number using your mobile phone at any time and from any location.

Benefits of a virtual landline

Businesses can choose a virtual landline number for any geographical location in the UK, allowing them to appear as though they are operating from that location without having to invest in physical premises there.

Here are five key benefits of opting to invest in a virtual, mobile landline number.

  • Gain customer trust with a professional, geographic landline number.
  • Allow you to answer calls when working remotely.
  • Stop missing calls and losing business.
  • Professional geographic number without having to invest in premises in the location.
  • Many useful call features available.

As well as being a convenient, professional, and cost-effective solution, a virtual landline number can provide a whole host of useful features including call screening and call answering services.

What to consider before buying a virtual landline

Virtual landlines are usually geographic telephone numbers that start with either 01 or 02.  02 numbers are London numbers, whilst the dialling codes for other towns and cities in the UK usually start with 01.

When deciding which type of virtual landline number you require you should consider:

  • Whether your products and services are localised.
  • Which type of number will make you appear more professional.

A small business can give the appearance of a larger and more established business by opting for a London number. And a business that provides localised products or services will find it easier to gain trust with a localised number, even if they are operating from a different location.

Where possible you should also choose a number that is memorable so that it stands out on marketing material and is easy for customers to remember.

Where to get a virtual landline

Buy your virtual landline from an experienced communications company to ensure that you get the best service and deal possible.

At Smart Numbers, we provide reliable virtual landline numbers with professional, multi-level menu systems and useful additional features including call screening and live call answering.

All our virtual numbers are priced cost-effectively with no hidden extras and no contracts.

If your requirements change, then we can also help you to convert your virtual number into a fixed landline in the future.

To find out more about our virtual landline numbers and how using one could benefit your business, give us a call here at Smart Numbers on 08450 178 179 or 03450 178 179 (0345 numbers are included free in your contract).

5 Business Benefits Of Investing in Virtual Landline Numbers

In the past, businesses have been confined to operating solely in their local area but with the introduction of the virtual landline, these restrictions have become a thing of the past. Virtual landline numbers use call forwarding and IP telephony to ensure you can receive calls to your mobile wherever you are. Businesses are now able to use any area code number of their choice to put customers at ease and successfully operate in the region.

Businesses of all sizes can without a doubt benefit from investing in virtual landline numbers which is why here we will be discussing our top 5 benefits to help you understand how this service can help you grow!

Work vs Personal Life

Separating your work and personal life is a struggle for any business owner, particularly when it feels like you never switch off. The benefit of a virtual landline number is you can quite a literal turn off without turning off your phone and not only blocking out work but your friends and family. A virtual number ( )allows you to keep your personal number whilst being able to receive calls from your virtual numbers without customers having access to your personal phone. Plus, the system associated with your virtual number will allow you to control between which hours you can be contacted as well as setting up a business voicemail.

Say Goodbye to Installations

Hardware installations are a thing of the past with a virtual landline as this innovative system offers you and your business complete flexibility! No longer are you tied down to the office waiting for your new landline to be set up, as the system can be set up instantly to integrate both your mobile as well as your employees.

Operate Nationwide

Often businesses operate across the country but are not based locally to each region which is why a virtual landline number is so important. Wherever you are in the world, a local geo number can advertise you locally and put customers at ease- a perfect solution to businesses looking to expand their reach.

Enhance Your Phone System

Unlike traditional landline systems, a virtual number provides you with the opportunity to upgrade your businesses telephone system. Features such as call forwarding, email/SMS notifications, advanced customisation and conferencing are all easily integrated.


We all remember ‘118 247’ from the old Yell ad as well as Hastings Direct’s ‘0800 00 1066’ and it all comes down to having a memorable number. Whether it be a recognisable sequence of numbers or a number that holds relevance to your business name i.e. Hastings and the battle of Hastings in 1066, a memorable number can be an amazing advertising tool.

Without a doubt, businesses of all sizes can individually benefit from this innovative and effective upgrade that costs no more to set up that any local landline! Whether you are simply looking for a way to keep work and home separate or find a new means of expanding your business, the benefits of a virtual landline number are endless.

Five Features of Virtual Landline Numbers

There’s more to our virtual landline numbers than making and receiving calls. Discover the additional features that could help make your business communications more efficient.

Our virtual landline numbers allow you to make and receive calls from a landline number using your mobile phone whilst you’re out and about.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes use our convenient service to retain a professional image whilst working remotely.

A virtual landline offers you flexibility, stops you from missing opportunities, and helps you to work more efficiently and be more productive.

Here are just a handful of the useful additional features that you can enjoy when you choose a virtual landline number with Smart Numbers.

Multi-level menu system – All your special features organised in one convenient, easy-to-access place. Easily change or configure your telephone settings from any location whilst you’re out and about using the simple menu system.

Secret call screening – Our useful call screening feature allows you to view who is calling before you pick up the telephone. This handy feature can save you time by helping you to avoid spam or nuisance calls. If you’re very busy or in the middle of a meeting it can also help you to identify which calls are a priority and those that can be called back again later.

Live call answering – Our live call answering service is now available on all discounted call plans. Use this useful feature to ensure that you never miss another business opportunity. Our professional UK-based call centre team will answer your calls whenever your line is engaged, unattended or set to do not disturb. You can choose to use this feature as much or as little as you require. Prices start at as little as 69p per call answered.

Voicemail – Stop missing out on business opportunities by diverting calls to voicemail if the line is engaged or you don’t answer the phone after a set number of rings. You also have the option to create personalised voicemail messages for both in and out of office hours. What’s more, as soon as you receive a new voicemail, we’ll send it to your email address as an audio file. You can also opt-in to receive text alerts when a new voicemail has been received if required. We will also send you the details of all callers who choose not to leave a voicemail message.

Call stats – Our call statistics feature allows you to easily track and manage all telephone enquiries. Information gathered as part of this feature can be used to monitor the success of different advertising campaigns and work out the cost per enquiry.

You can rest assured that if your requirements change in the future you can easily have your virtual landline installed as a fixed landline. Meaning there will be no need to change or disrupt your service.

To find out more about our virtual landline service or call solutions, give our team a call on 0845 178 179 and we’ll be happy to help.

What is a Virtual Telephone Number?

A virtual telephone number is a number that isn’t connected to a telephone line and can be used so you can receive calls on one or multi devices such as your mobile phone, office phone and call answering service.

If you buy a virtual number for your business, you will receive redirected calls from your virtual number to a phone you have assigned your calls to direct to. Sometimes call a mobile landline number, this type of virtual number offers ease of use and an effective way to manage your business calls.

The benefits of having a virtual telephone number is that you can receive and make calls from your mobile, landline or other devices from your virtual number without the caller being aware they have been redirected.

There is no interruption or delay when a customer calls a virtual telephone number, leaving them unaware that their call has been redirected to your device, maintaining your professionalism.

Advantages of a Buying a Virtual Phone Number

A virtual telephone number is therefore great for small business owners who want to maintain a professional image as they deal with clients and customers, shows to prospecting customers you are credible and genuinely based within that area, without giving out their personal mobile number.

Virtual telephone numbers are also great for promoting a local presence within certain areas of the UK, without being in that area. They offer great flexibility as you can choose the area code for your desired location and increase your presence in that area whilst calls redirect to your device outside of that location.

With a virtual telephone number, you can, therefore, remove the hassle of setting up local offices, reducing the cost of obtaining business from other areas and increasing your presence in those areas.

Having a virtual telephone number from Smart Numbers comes with many beneficial features that allow you to maintain professionalism whilst using your mobile device. Key features included allow you to manage your inbound calls and through a screening process, Smart Numbers can even answer the calls for you.

A multi-level menu system can also be provided with your virtual telephone number, to allow you to navigate your calls to the right department to resolve queries more efficiently and effectively.

Get a Virtual Number Today call 03450178179.

If you are interested in setting up a virtual telephone number with Smart Numbers, there is no need for special hardware or a physical phone line as they can be installed on any mobile carrier.

Also, should you decide you require a fixed line, Smart Numbers can also convert your virtual telephone number into a fixed landline, so you don’t have to confuse your customers with changing your phone number.

For more information about virtual telephone numbers and details of how to get started, contact Smart Numbers on 03450 178 179.

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How Do I Set Up a Virtual Landline on My Mobile?

A virtual landline is a great way to give your company, or day-to-day life, the flexibility you’ve always needed. A virtual landline is a number that isn’t tied to a specific address, as opposed to traditional landline numbers, which means it doesn’t matter where you are – you’ll never miss a call again!

Setting Up a Virtual Landline on a Mobile

Setting up a “virtual landline” is simple and typically we can get your virtual landline number up and working within an hour. The process is much the same as if you were to divert a traditional landline number to your mobile phone. It’s a simple process that we can help you to set up.

Can I choose my virtual landline number?

Yes, you can select from our current range of virtual landline numbers on our website. Choose either a memorable virtual landline number or run of the mile numbers. We hold 100,000’s of 01/02,03 & 08 number in stock, as well offering a unique local exchange virtual landline number.

  1. Contact us to choose your preferred virtual landline number

Here at Smart Numbers, we use the best tier1 & VoIP networks to make sure you have premium call quality and we have every local call prefix in the UK available for you to choose from.

  1. Do I need to change my mobile?

The beauty of our virtual landline solution is you can keep your personal or business mobile number and the caller does know the virtual landline diverts calls to your mobile.

You don’t need to replace your existing mobile handset or provider – we can make your virtual landline work whichever model your existing mobile phone is, meaning there’s no need for expensive start-up costs.

  1. Choose any call handling services you require

We offer a range of call management and call handling services, such as secret call screening, live call answering and call processing, so if you’re struggling to do it all, we can help you out. If you have any questions, our helpful team will be able to talk you through all of your options regarding receiving inbound and making outbound calls.

  1. Agree your rolling monthly agreement and call plan

Unlike traditional landline providers, we don’t tie you into a fixed contract; we just take it month by month. We also have a great range of discounted call plans, so calls, in general, can be much cheaper.

  1. How do I get my virtual landline number started

It really is as simple as that! With 24/7 help on hand, you’re in safe hands with Smart Numbers. Contact us today to see how we can help you set up your mobile as a virtual landline.

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What Is a Virtual Landline?

Using a virtual landline are extremely simple to set up, easy to use and are often used for start up and local businesses wanting a “local virtual landline” representation.

Simply put, a virtual landline is what it says: a virtual phone number, which stays the same despite your location, unlike traditional landline numbers that are associated with a specific building or address. So, whether you’re working at home/office or regularly work at your customer’s location (on site or out and about), you can receive a business call via your virtual landline on your mobile wherever you go!

Your virtual landline number can be a geographically local number, starting with 01 or 02, or a national number, starting 03 or 08.

What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Landline?

Whether you’re using a virtual landline for business or personal use, the benefits can be great.

  • No need to worry if you’re at home or out and about, you can have your virtual landline number diverted to your mobile phone, so people only need to have one number to contact you, wherever you are.
  • If your business is new and going through a period of fast growth, you won’t need to change your number if you need to relocate. This means no costly changes to make on business cards, and avoiding the possibility of your customers having the wrong information.
  • Having a single phone number as a point of contact means you won’t miss any calls, plus it can have a great professional impression and will make it easier for people to contact you.
  • A virtual landline number can be much less costly than a fixed landline; there are no fixed contracts, just a rolling monthly agreement.

Here at Smart Numbers, we offer a range of virtual landline services and have years of experience. Our experts will be able to answer any queries you have or arrange an installation, so contact us today to discuss your virtual landline requirements.

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5 Ways to Make your Small Business Appear more Established

Investing in services that make your business look bigger and more established than it really is can help you to win more customers and grow your business.  Even businesses with a modest budget can afford products or services to disguise the fact they’re just starting out to help them whilst they’re building a client base and improving their reputation and credibility in their industry.

Buy a registered office address or PO Box – Running your business from your home address is a great way to keep costs down until you’re ready to invest in your own premises, but a home address can be off-putting to customers.  For a small cost, you can buy a business address or PO Box in a prestigious location or local to your customer base to give a more professional appearance.

Buy a virtual landline number – Whilst you may find using your personal mobile number a convenient and low-cost way of running your business, studies show that customers are less likely to trust businesses that advertise a landline number as their main point of contact. So, get a virtual landline number that diverts calls to your mobile phone.

At Smart Numbers, we sell a variety of telephone numbers for any geographic area, town or city in the UK including London numbers that can be diverted to your mobile number for a more professional look.  Businesses with London numbers are often perceived as being more reputable, successful and established than those with a lesser known dial code or mobile number as their main contact.

Invest in your website – It may be tempting to save some cash and DIY your own website, but an amateur website is a sure-fire giveaway that your business hasn’t been around for very long or is small and unestablished.  Websites that haven’t been created by a professional are often not very user-friendly and can be difficult to navigate.  Investing in a professional website will not only make a great first impression but should also be designed with conversion in mind to help turn your visitors into customers or enquiries.

Get a snappy domain name and email account – Your business website and email address should be the same as your business name without displaying any third-party email or website host names. Short and snappy URLs and email addresses are better for your business as they’re memorable and look more professional and trustworthy.

Get a virtual assistant – When you’re first starting out, trying to juggle every aspect of your business on your own can leave you snowed under tedious administrative duties when your time could be better spent growing your business.  Hiring a virtual assistant to answer calls and emails will not only free up your time but will also give the impression that you’re not the only person in your business.

To find out more about the range of mobile landline numbers that we offer including our sought after 0207 and 0208 London numbers, give us a call on our freephone number 03450 178 179.