Hosted & Cloud Telephony

Hosted & Cloud Telephony

For the busy small business owner or homeworker, getting a telephony system with professional levels of functionality and an affordable price may have seemed like a pretty daunting task.

Fully-Supported Telephony Solutions

But no more! Smart Numbers can provide a fully supported Tier 1 VoIP telephony solution to sit alongside and integrate with your existing broadband. The service accommodates to your business’s growth and development. It allows for the installation of existing numbers and the full range of call handling features available to be added later on. All without needing expensive new equipment or engineering.

Feet in the Sand

We know that, like your work life, your telephony isn’t fixed in stone. What you order now isn’t necessarily what you’ll want in twelve months’ time, so a system that has the flexibility to grow and develop is what you really need.

You want to add and remove users, change extension numbers and provide call-handling features without sprawling on the floor wrapped in telephone wires wondering which socket that cable just came out of? What you really want is something that can be changed easily, by you, at the touch of a button.

Let’s be honest, you want to stay connected too. You want to be contactable on the same number at all times, whether you’re at home in Hartlepool, in a boardroom in Beijing, or on a beach in Barbados. Even better, you don’t want anyone to know which one!

Head in the Clouds

Whatever your business and current infrastructure, we’ll review your telephony and offer you the best IP, SIP, Cloud hosted or premise-based solutions to meet your needs. Compatible with all major broadband providers, Smart Numbers telephony will give you the full range of call handling facilities even when you’re miles from the office.

Moreover you won’t need expensive installation costs and vast technological know-how. Just a straightforward, easy telephony application. Sorted. To find out more, contact Smart Numbers today.