How to choose the correct landline number for your business

Choosing a landline number for your business can be difficult if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for.

There are a number of benefits to having a landline number at your disposal, but it is important that you choose the right prefix. Choosing a specific landline number can provide benefits for both small and large businesses, for instance, a smaller business may wish to use a London prefix of 020 to create the impression that they operate in this area without having to have a physical office there. Equally, a larger business may wish to use a landline number to create the impression that they operate in the local area and for all intents and purposes are just down the road from the customer. This allows them to not only appear more credible but also increase customer trust.

Despite this, one of the biggest issues business owners face is wanting a landline number without having the hassle of having to speak to a company and getting someone out to sort out line rental. Therefore, many businesses are now choosing to get a virtual landline number as it is much more advantageous way of operating this type of number. Not only will you be free of lengthy, expensive contracts but you won’t be tied down to a specific location. It perfectly adapts to the modern day running of a business by cutting down costs and saving you a lot of time of energy chasing up missed customer calls.

What Landline numbers are available?

Landline numbers are geographic numbers that start with a 01 or 02 area code which pertain to a specific area of the country. For example, Manchester numbers start with 0161 but if you want customers in London to think that you are based there you will want to choose a London prefix landline number of 0203, 0207 or 0208. This will create the impression that you are operating in the town of your choosing when the reality may be that you are elsewhere in the country or even abroad. Regardless of where you are if you have a virtual landline the call will be directed to your mobile without any issue.

Advantages to using a Landline number for your business:

  • Customers will be much happier dialling a number that has a local prefix especially when contacting a business as they will know what call charges to expect and be under the impression that you are just down the road.
  • You can become a London based business without having to have an expensive office in Central London.
  • With a virtual landline, you will be able to divert all customer calls to your mobile so even if you are out on the road or working remotely you won’t miss a call.
  • Using a local number allows you to skip the expensive call charges that come with other numbers meaning that you can be out of the country and still have your calls diverted to you without you or your customers having to pay extortionate charges.