International landline numbers

Buy International Landline Numbers and Route to UK Phone Numbers

Growing your company internationally just became a whole lot easier with the ability to route your international landline numbers to your phone number in the UK, all by setting up a simple contract.

Gone are the days of intimidating setups and tech talk as now it can all be done by the click of a button online.

Allowing you to launch, modify, or develop a business has never been more accessible, and the benefits are expanding more and more every day.

Building an international presence

If your company deals with offices or clients abroad, then routing your calls is a much easier and efficient way to reach your users and broaden your international horizons.

This will make your office more accessible and brand your company as extensive and professional.

It will also aid the offices you work with as you are ensuring that their contacts do not need to pay toll charges, eliminating cost concerns when calling a foreign country for both parties.

This will improve your company relationships, creating a happier and easier rapport for everyone.

Convenience for local customers

If you are a UK manufacturer and have clients that buy from the USA, Australia, Asia, or basically anywhere that your company is flourishing, routing calls will offer a relevant number that can still get through to your team.

Appearing local to foreign customers will present your services as less intimidating and more comfortable to use. This makes your company user-friendly, expanding clientele and, most importantly, improving customer service.

Diversifying company markets

By making global interactions more accessible, you are allowing your business to diversify and expand which will make your revenue sources steadier.

So, even if your local revenue is slowing down, your business will not feel the hit as drastically because your global market will add an additional income. This is an effective way to relieve the stress from employees and costs.

Whether you already have an array of global clients that you want easy access to or if you are looking to expand your international market, routing your phone number will benefit your business on its ever-growing road to success.

It’s quick, easy, and suitable for the emerging technological advancements within today’s business world.

Smart Numbers can supply quality value international phone numbers routed to your landline or mobile phone from only £8.95 per month, with a small set up charge and free minutes.

If you would like to lower your existing telephone costs and add real, measurable value to your business year on year, get in touch with us on 03450 178 179.