Issues and solutions when considering telephone systems for your business

If you are currently considering implementing a new telephone system for your business, there are a number of questions you need to be asking yourself. The first question is what type of system you require? Do you feel that you would benefit from having a physical office telephone system or could you work with a virtual phone system instead?

So, with this in mind, there are three main types of phone systems to choose from;

A virtual phone system, landline and cloud systems. Here we go through the advantages and disadvantages of each system, so you can better understand what your options are.

Virtual Phone Systems

This system, works by allowing your business phone line to be connected to any mobile or home phone of your choosing. Effectively it works as an advanced call forwarding system where calls can be transferred to remote employee’s phones. In most instances, this system will come with a number of useful features such as voicemail, automated receptionist to transfer customers to the right person, call forwarding, screening and faxing capabilities. In terms of its advantages, one of the biggest is that it allows employees the opportunity to work remotely in locations other than the office without compromising the professionalism of the business. It also provides a number of phone system features that you can’t get with a typical landline or mobile number. However, it equally comes with its drawbacks, namely that it is not its own fully developed phone system and does rely on your own personal network to process the call. This will mean that not only will you be charged for the call via the virtual system but also through your own network provider.

Landline Systems

Most people will have a Landline system in their homes, supported by a local or regional telephone company providing a line rental. In order to use this type of service within your business you will need PBX hardware which will allow you to create multiple extensions and have access to other more advanced features such as call directories and call transfers. One of the biggest advantages and why landlines have sustained throughout time is their reliability. However, many phone providers are now attempting to move away from landlines which will make them a lot harder to replace and repair.

Cloud Systems

Cloud based systems are one of the newer systems that many businesses are now switching over to. With this system there is no maintenance or hardware to worry about with the service provider ensuring all maintenance and upgrades are automatically provided in the background. With this system it is extremely easy to add new lines and features at any time whilst only paying a set monthly fee. Despite this, the one key downside to this system is that you won’t have any control over it as there is no hardware in your office. If the cloud system fails or has any glitches, it is down to the provider to notice and fix it within their own time.