Why your business should have a non-geographical number

Pocket Landlines by Smart Numbers

Pocket Landlines by Smart Numbers

As the name would suggest, non-geographical numbers are phone numbers which are not assigned to any particular region of the country. They are numbers which can be redirected your landline or mobile, whichever you prefer. In recent years they have become increasingly popular and businesses of all sizes use them because they have so many benefits, some of which are listed below.

The flexibility of using a number that isn’t tied down to a particular area is what many small business owners find most beneficial. They allow you to answers calls that are redirected to your mobile wherever and whenever. Ultimately this means your customer can always get in touch with you and will give your business more credibility.

It can also help you to expand your customer base; with having a number that isn’t specific to any area it allows your business to appear nationwide. By having a local number you are limited to receiving calls only from local people which can be especially damaging to your business if you do indeed operate across the country.

Having these types of numbers also looks a lot of more professional than a standard landline or mobile number. They will give your business the appearance of being more established and trustworthy regardless of the size of your business. 0800 numbers in particular help inspire trust in customers and encourage them to call you, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be charged a ridiculous amount of money.

They are also a lot easier to remember than standard local or mobile number as they often have more of a ring to them such as the infamous 118 247advert from Yellow Pages a few years ago. You can also make use of alphanumeric keys by spelling out a word through the numbers. For instance, if you have a taxi company you could use the number 8294 on the end of your number to make it more memorable.