5 Business Benefits Of Investing in Virtual Landline Numbers

In the past, businesses have been confined to operating solely in their local area but with the introduction of the virtual landline, these restrictions have become a thing of the past. Virtual landline numbers use call forwarding and IP telephony to ensure you can receive calls to your mobile wherever you are. Businesses are now able to use any area code number of their choice to put customers at ease and successfully operate in the region.

Businesses of all sizes can without a doubt benefit from investing in virtual landline numbers which is why here we will be discussing our top 5 benefits to help you understand how this service can help you grow!

Work vs Personal Life

Separating your work and personal life is a struggle for any business owner, particularly when it feels like you never switch off. The benefit of a virtual landline number is you can quite a literal turn off without turning off your phone and not only blocking out work but your friends and family. A virtual number ( www.smart-numbers.net/virtual-landline-number )allows you to keep your personal number whilst being able to receive calls from your virtual numbers without customers having access to your personal phone. Plus, the system associated with your virtual number will allow you to control between which hours you can be contacted as well as setting up a business voicemail.

Say Goodbye to Installations

Hardware installations are a thing of the past with a virtual landline as this innovative system offers you and your business complete flexibility! No longer are you tied down to the office waiting for your new landline to be set up, as the system can be set up instantly to integrate both your mobile as well as your employees.

Operate Nationwide

Often businesses operate across the country but are not based locally to each region which is why a virtual landline number is so important. Wherever you are in the world, a local geo number can advertise you locally and put customers at ease- a perfect solution to businesses looking to expand their reach.

Enhance Your Phone System

Unlike traditional landline systems, a virtual number provides you with the opportunity to upgrade your businesses telephone system. Features such as call forwarding, email/SMS notifications, advanced customisation and conferencing are all easily integrated.


We all remember ‘118 247’ from the old Yell ad as well as Hastings Direct’s ‘0800 00 1066’ and it all comes down to having a memorable number. Whether it be a recognisable sequence of numbers or a number that holds relevance to your business name i.e. Hastings and the battle of Hastings in 1066, a memorable number can be an amazing advertising tool.

Without a doubt, businesses of all sizes can individually benefit from this innovative and effective upgrade that costs no more to set up that any local landline! Whether you are simply looking for a way to keep work and home separate or find a new means of expanding your business, the benefits of a virtual landline number are endless.