Five Features of Virtual Landline Numbers

There’s more to our virtual landline numbers than making and receiving calls. Discover the additional features that could help make your business communications more efficient.

Our virtual landline numbers allow you to make and receive calls from a landline number using your mobile phone whilst you’re out and about.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes use our convenient service to retain a professional image whilst working remotely.

A virtual landline offers you flexibility, stops you from missing opportunities, and helps you to work more efficiently and be more productive.

Here are just a handful of the useful additional features that you can enjoy when you choose a virtual landline number with Smart Numbers.

Multi-level menu system – All your special features organised in one convenient, easy-to-access place. Easily change or configure your telephone settings from any location whilst you’re out and about using the simple menu system.

Secret call screening – Our useful call screening feature allows you to view who is calling before you pick up the telephone. This handy feature can save you time by helping you to avoid spam or nuisance calls. If you’re very busy or in the middle of a meeting it can also help you to identify which calls are a priority and those that can be called back again later.

Live call answering – Our live call answering service is now available on all discounted call plans. Use this useful feature to ensure that you never miss another business opportunity. Our professional UK-based call centre team will answer your calls whenever your line is engaged, unattended or set to do not disturb. You can choose to use this feature as much or as little as you require. Prices start at as little as 69p per call answered.

Voicemail – Stop missing out on business opportunities by diverting calls to voicemail if the line is engaged or you don’t answer the phone after a set number of rings. You also have the option to create personalised voicemail messages for both in and out of office hours. What’s more, as soon as you receive a new voicemail, we’ll send it to your email address as an audio file. You can also opt-in to receive text alerts when a new voicemail has been received if required. We will also send you the details of all callers who choose not to leave a voicemail message.

Call stats – Our call statistics feature allows you to easily track and manage all telephone enquiries. Information gathered as part of this feature can be used to monitor the success of different advertising campaigns and work out the cost per enquiry.

You can rest assured that if your requirements change in the future you can easily have your virtual landline installed as a fixed landline. Meaning there will be no need to change or disrupt your service.

To find out more about our virtual landline service or call solutions, give our team a call on 0845 178 179 and we’ll be happy to help.