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How to Get More Business With Smart Telephony Solutions

If business is slow, have you considered the possibility that it could be your phone line that is holding your business back?

As a customer, there is nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to give a company your business than an ineffective telephone system blocking the way.

From businesses that never appear to be there to pick up their phone, to those that are constantly busy on the line or those that you really despise calling because it costs a fortune; a good telephone system can make the world of difference to customers.

As experts in smart call solutions here at Smart Numbers Ltd, we’ve come up with five top tips for winning more business using smart telephone solutions.

Get an attractive dial code

Having a telephone number that looks professional can be the difference between customers picking up the phone and dialling your number or calling a competitor.  A freephone 0800 number or a local dial code can make your business look professional and established, as well as helping customers to save money on their phone bill.

Divert calls to another line when busy

There’s nothing more off-putting when trying to speak to a business for the first time, than never being able to get through on their telephone line.  A constantly engaged phoneline can turn new customers off and frustrate existing customers.  Don’t miss calls and lose business just because you’re already on the phone.  Get your number set up to divert calls to another line when your number is busy so that a colleague can answer instead.

Call queuing

If you often have a high volume of calls coming in then another useful solution is to set up call queuing to prevent missed calls, lost business and frustrated customers.  Allow customers to wait on hold on the line until someone becomes available to take their call so that they don’t have to repeatedly call back.

24/7 live call answering

Need your customers to be able to speak to someone any time of the day or night but unable to offer the service yourself?  You can still be there for your customers when they need you and never miss a job again by setting up a 24/7 live call answering service.

Call recording

Call recording is a very useful training tool for businesses and can play an important part in learning how to improve your service or win new business.  By listening back to your business calls you can identify where things could have been communicated more effectively and any missed opportunities to upsell or improve the service you’re offering.  Feedback and tips can also be provided to other staff members to help them improve their calls.

To discover more about the smart call solutions discussed above or to learn more about our full range of services, please get in touch with Smart Numbers Ltd.

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